January 9, 2012

Today's Everyday Fashion: Longest Day Ever

I wish I was exaggerating, but I spent 10 hours at the mall on Saturday!! The first half was spent working on a very exciting project (#3 under Hire Me) - mum's the word for now but hopefully I can tell you more about it later. The last half was spent on #1 under Hire Me - giving someone a complete closet makeover! It was an amazing day (as Kanye would say "don't let me get in my zone"), but a lot of time on my feet so I wore my new leopard pumps for the first part of the day and switched to boots for the rest of the day. What shoes do you wear for a 10-hour day on your feet?

Shirt: J.Crew, $14
Jeans: c/o Ross, $13 (recent)
Belt: H&M, $20
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $136
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Right hand bracelet: Banana Republic, $10
Left shoes: Banana Republic, $60
Boots: Steve Madden Tanngoo from Endless, $47

1. Guess plum jeans, $58.50
2. American Apparel plum corduroy, $74
3. Cookie Johnson plum jegging via 6pm.com, $91


  1. Sounds like you are super busy, but have many opportunities coming your way!  Congrats!  You definitely deserve it, J!


  2. I don't know how you do it... when I'm on my feet all day I opt for FLATS! Congrats on all the new projects!

  3. I love your necklace!

  4. I know the feeling....the longest day ever was on Saturday when I was at the office from 8 to 7...  I have a great pair of motorcycle boots that I can wear that would last me 10 hrs.  BTW...Love the outfit post with your floppy hat!  Glad you gave that trend a try!

  5. Congrats on the new Project 

  6. So much colored denim everywhere. I muust get a pair right now.


  7. I swear by my Jessica Simpson riding boots! Rubber rugged sole and a harder heel for a satisfying click when I walk. I have worn them on hikes throughvthe woods on on long flights, worth a trailer next fall!

  8. Like you, I prefer a heel, but if I KNOW I'll be on my feet for a very long time, I opted for flats. I am loving the colored jeans trend and you have shown me so many ways to wear them. I bought my first pair (red) this past weekend and plan to get more.

  9. By looking at it I will go for the boots simply because they look more comfortable. But I have to say I had spend 8 hours work day in pumps as well. I love the jeans your wearing, I might have to take a trip to Ross to see what I find. 
    Have a great week J!

  10. My brain automatically shifts to flats when I know that I'm going to be on my feet.  But flats typically don't offer much support.  My best bet would be my BCBG black booties.  They have a low substantial heel so I can wear them for hours and hours. I <3 the color of your pants! 

  11. Hi, love your blog, very up-to-date and easy to complement. you've got great style, J!
    good luck with everything and happy new years!

  12. For long days on my feet, I wear............ (after the usual super-supportive athletic shoes for runners which I now wear casually;  and which I always wore for Health Clinic work, that is!!)............ dressy leather closed-toe shoes, with a 3/4-inch  *w.e.d.g.e.*  heel.    For me, they give my feet a little bit of support that completely-flat flats just don't;  and since my legs aren't really "conditioned," (i.e., to routinely wear a higher heel), like yours are, J............ I can still *walk* at the end of a very long day, (haha)!!

    Any of the colors~~(in "the purple family" of colors, particularly)~~really seems to *enhance* your lovely skin tone;  and since deep plum/eggplant can almost be a Basic Wardrobe-Color----(e.g., like navy blue is, too)----I also look forward to seeing how you'll style your deep plum jeans throughout the coming seasons!!    *Great* outfit(s) in today's post!!

  13. Ideally, I'd wear my Birkenstocks- but since I know they are really ugly, I'd opt for flats. Sometimes a good boot can work all day, but I've found the older I get, (41) no matter what I wear, if I'm on my feet all day, my feet (and back) hurt. It sucks getting old! LOL! 

    I really LOVE this outfit- the shirt tucked in and the belt and perfect! Gorgeous!! 

  14. I'd love to wear my Dansko clogs (amazing support and so comfy!!), but they are truly hideous and since I'm not a nurse, I have no good excuse to be wearing them in public! So on days where I have to be on my feet, I usually wear my Anne Klein 'Ashling' black ankle boots. Classic style, goes with almost anything, decent heel for height, and comfy enough for a long day.