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This is not a personal style blog, it's a fashion experiment. Everyday I ask "does this outfit work in real life?" and I provide a place for women to talk through their style questions. You should not expect to love every outfit I post. (In fact, I guarantee you will hate some of them! And that is sort of the point... ) I want to hear your opinion on what's posted, but you need to say it nicely. This is an open, but POSITIVE, fashion community. I do not approve of tabloids ripping on celebrity outfits and I do not approve of that kind of negativity here. (This policy applies to ALL photos posted – including fan photos on the Facebook page.)

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Some examples of what you could/should say:
“I would wear it like this instead”
“I like the outfit, but not the shoes”
“That trend/clothing item is not for me”

Some examples of what you should NOT say:
“I hate this outfit”
“Your hair is a mess” (I’m not a hairstylist.)
“Your pose is ridiculous” (I’m not a model.)
"You are too tan" (Let's maybe leave race out of this.)

In other words... let's keep the focus on the fashion, and there is no reason to get nasty. Thankfully most of you are dears and I never have to do it, but if you post something from group two, reserve the right to delete it. Thanks for reading! :-)

Disclosure Policy

If it were up to me, I would be independently wealthy and refuse to take a single dollar in advertising money. :-) However, that's not the case so I'm always figuring out ways to balance presenting you (my readers) with interesting, relevant content and keeping myself afloat financially. These are my current policies:

- My banner ads are either direct arrangements with companies, or ad networks where I earn a small amount of money based on the # of views that I receive.
- I use PPC affiliate programs, which means I earn $ every time someone clicks a link. I do not earn commission on your purchases - and I prefer it that way! I'm not selling anything, but browsing is no-problem! The only links that do earn commission on are  Stella & Dot. I really appreciate you shopping using my links though, since it's no added cost for you, and helps me keep J's Everyday Fashion going.
- I sometimes receive items as gifts from companies and these are clearly marked as "c/o" (courtesy of) on the blog. I turn down free items often, because I like to keep these free items at a reasonable amount (no more than a couple hundred dollars a month). I also won't accept items that are out of my price range, or I wouldn't buy with my own money. I choose all of the items myself (via a store credit or gift card) and don't feature something unless it was selected by me, for my closet, and not just to post on the blog. The opinions and reviews I include with these products (such as "I love this necklace") are honest, and are never done at the request of a company.
- Giveaways are generally paid sponsorships. All paid posts are clearly disclosed as paid within the post.

Why do I partner with companies? Because partnerships create interesting content that I think you guys would enjoy reading! And because at the end of the day a girl has gotta eat. :-) If you see an ad or something on my blog that rubs you the wrong way, please let me know! I'm all about being open and honest, and creating a fun, non-shady environment where we can talk fashion!

Questions? Please e-mail me (jseverydayfashion@gmail.com) or refer to the FTC’s ruling on blogger disclosure: FTC Rules on Sponsored Conversations Please note: the same disclosure applies to any Facebook page posts or tweets. (@JsEverydayFash)

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My full-time job is J's Everyday Fashion. I also work as a freelancer in writing, fashion, and marketing. This is a list of my current gigs:
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- Style seminars (see "Hire Me")
- Marketing consulting (see "Hire Me")
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