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I have a passion for people, degrees in journalism and communications, a professional background in marketing, and a flare for fashion. Here are some different ways you can hire me and see results:

1. Advertise on J's Everyday Fashion
Interested in partnering to promote a product or website that my readers will love? Email jseverydayfashion@gmail.com for a copy of my press kit!

2. Style Seminars
My 30 to 45-minute seminar is part motivational speech that encourages women to look and feel their best, and part educational how-to with tons of tips on shopping and styling. My past experience includes large and small company functions, public libraries and large Women's Shows. My talk is arranged into three parts - what to do before shopping, during shopping and after shopping. The style seminar is accompanied by a visual presentation, I will customize the content to fit your specific audience, and am willing to travel. For details and rates, please email me at jseverydayfashion@gmail.com.

3. One-On-One Style Help
We all have to answer the daunting question "what will I wear today?" I want to make getting dressed as easy as possible for you. I specialize in budget shopping and reusing pieces in tons of different ways, and I want to help you get to the next level on your journey of personal style. We will have fun shopping while also getting down to business! Let's take clothes off your mind so that you can focus on the good stuff in life - your family, your job and the things that you love.
- Going through your closet and making new outfits. ($100 per session in person)
- Going shopping together. ($100 per session in person)

Update: Skype sessions are no longer available and shopping trips/closet consults currently have a lengthy waiting list. Email me to be added to the list for 2013 - jseverydayfashion@gmail.com

4. Marketing Consulting
Do you own a boutique or manage a retail store? I combine my unique mix of experience in marketing and fashion to help you see results. Hire me to:
- Train your employees on how to make style suggestions and offer solutions to customers.
- Create marketing and styling materials for your customers to take home, to post throughout the store, or to use when training employees.
- Create an overall marketing strategy for your company within your city or online.
Please email me for references and rates at jseverydayfashion@gmail.com.

5. Media Mogul
Ultimately, I want to be the "Rachael Ray of fashion," a nickname I gave myself based on her approachable and budget-friendly ways of teaching people the art of cooking. Some larger dreams that I'm currently working on include writing a book (my "big idea" and proposal are ready), starting a women's fashion magazine (this could be as early as 2013, so email me if you'd like to get involved), and taking my show national. Email me to discuss any of the above, jseverydayfashion@gmail.com  


  1. so awesome J! If I could afford to fly you here to MD to go shopping with me, I totally would!!!

  2. I wish you could come to atlanta... I just want you to go thru my closet with me!! *sigh* or would you be interested in skyping!!

  3. I've had the honor of hearing J speak on several occasions, most notedly at CFLBlogCon 2011. Here she was a featured conference speaker on utilizing Facebook and was one of the most popular speakers of the day. The large audience was captivated and J has a unique ability to be professional and humble while still impressing everyone with her incredible know-how. The other time J sticks out in my mind is when she came to my school to speak with staff about professional attire and fashion in general. She was speaking in front of small groups and came across equally sincere and knowledgeable. She gave practical advice to a tough audience, winning them over by understanding their needs and concerns. Love her!

  4. Awesome, J!!

    I would suggest adding a virtual style seminar. Have someone set up a flickr account (or similar) and you help create outfits (like on ShopStyle) and suggest pieces to round out their wardrobe. A head to toe picture of the person would also be useful, to get an idea of how to help them dress for their shape. Obvi, you would need to decide how much to charge for that type of consult ;)


  5. Love this page! Great idea to let everyone know what you can do!

  6. I had a skype "date" with J this week before starting a new job and was 100% thrilled, satisfied and happy I did! J took time to hear what I was wanting to achieve and really helped ease any 1st day outfit worries I might have had. She was great at looking at pieces I had and suggesting new and fun way of putting them together. Her ability to piece together outfits that were interesting but not overwhelming for an office environment was refreshing! I totally trusted her even when we got to some more "fun"/ outside my normal comfort zone ideas. She helped me learn how to do color combos a little differently then I was but still totally look and feel like myself. We ended with so many outfit ideas (all of which she took notes on while skyping - awesome!) and also a better understanding of how to style my outfits. I would totally recommend her to any of my friends or anyone considering this option. J has a real skill and also a great ability to teach.


  7. I hired J for a shopping session. Considering I make shopping mistakes all the time, the $100 fee was a worthwhile investment. I feel like I got several quality pieces and personal direction on how to wear them for various occasions. J also gave me practical shopping strategies that I can apply on my own going forward. J is a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable shopping companion - truly an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

  8. I had the pleasure of having a Skype session with J last week and it was fantastic!! She instantly made me feel comfortable and she was able to pull together fresh, modern outfits with ease. Her instincts are impeccable and she has a real talent for mixing colors and patterns. I am new to the colored denim trend and thought I would need to do some serious shopping to make my new pastel pants work. J was able to use what I already own to pull together numerous looks that I absolutely adore! When the session ended I felt like my wardrobe had been revitalized!! Thank you J!!

  9. I found your site through a pinterest post of yours that a friend of mine put on facebook - black button down shirt, black shorts and grey belt (which I am wearing as we speak!) Looking through your page I love one thing after another!!!! I am so excited - would love to get together to do a shopping trip in Orlando but will have be after football season (our son is in high school)unless you will be in the Naples area sometime sooner. I will be in touch! :)

  10. J I ll be in Orlando Monday and Tuesday! Are u available on those evenings? I'll be staying near almonte mall in maitland. I have meetings in morning but will be free in evenings. Pls let me know ur availability thx

  11. Great Website! Sometimes, I watch "What not to wear" on TLC. You are Stacy and Clinton of the web!

  12. Dang, girl... your outfits are better than the original! You could make a paper bag look good, though. Love your site. Maybe someday I can fly to Orlando for a shopping trip...

  13. If you are in So Cal anytime soon let me know. I would hire you in a minute.

  14. I would totally agree with the suggestion about setting up a “virtual style seminar.” A lot of shoppers will surely support this idea. Speaking of shopping, Texas becomes the cream of the crop nowadays; New York fell off in the rank .Experience shopping at its best in Texas!

  15. Who is the maker of the gorgeous gold watch you are wearing in many of the outfit photos?

  16. Hun, are you aware that your images are being used by a company on ebay (from China) to sell counterfeit goods? I recognized your outfits immediately. Honeyhair2007 is one of them...