November 23, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Black Friday

Ahhhh... Black Friday. I've been writing about the biggest day in shopping on my VISIT FLORIDA page this week, and even went to the mall yesterday to scope out what deals stores are offering. (See my Twitter account for what I learned.) I have to admit though, I'm not the biggest fan of shopping that day. I prefer to save my money for the real best day of the year for bargains - the day after Christmas! (See the crazy deals I got last year here!) I would love to hear what you guys really think of the holiday though - do you shop 'til you drop on Black Friday or avoid the malls like the plague? 

About my outfit: if you are headed out on a marathon shopping spree, this outfit is for you! Comfy, flat shoes, stretchy pants and a layers on top to adjust to the temperatures fit the bill for a long day of shopping. I plan to hit the mall for a few hours to catch a deal or two before noon, but it's in the 80's this week in Orlando so I'll likely wear something a little more warm-weather friendly. Can't wait to share my finds with you guys though and hear what you bought too. Let the shopping begin!

Inspiration photo: H&M
Trench coat: New York & Company, $50
Scarf: c/o Happy Scarf
Shirt: Handed down from a friend
Belt: Gap, $10
Jeans: Gap, $30
Boots: Bakers, $90 (similar)

1. LOFT python shirt, $59.50 (I bought this in-store yesterday for $25!)
2. Victoria's Secret python shirt, $44.50
3. Chico's python shirt, $39.99


  1. Actually...for Black Friday shopping the key is flats (flip flops if it's nice out), tights, and a loose fitting shirt with a tank underneath. That way you can try clothes on quickly and get to the next store. Can't waste any time! Also, fitting rooms are cramped, so you could just try on clothes in the store if you're dressed right.

    Leave the jackets in the car and just run in and out of the stores.

  2. Ha, I did a bit of reconnaissance at the mall yesterday as well, and found that I won't be there on black Friday. I didn't see anything of interest.  Yes, that is a great outfit for a shopping marathon, flats aren't negotiable!

  3. I have found that Black Friday really doesn't have the best deals unless you maybe are looking for electronics or toys.  The best day is definitely the day after Christmas to score some deals! Have fun shopping and enjoy your Thanksgiving :)  Heather

  4. I usually avoid black Friday. I haven't found the deals to be all that impressive in the past.  I'm also boycotting most any company that starts their sale on Thanksgiving, not cool!

  5. I've never gone shopping on Black Friday and never intend to do so. Why would I get up in the middle of night to fight hordes of amateurs foaming at the mouth for deals that experienced bargain hunters (like us!) can find throughout the year?

  6. I'm with you! Shopping the day after Christmas is sooo much better! I'm not a big Black Friday shopper. I hold out for the real end of season sales!

  7. I am not a Black Friday shopper. I can't stand shopping in the crowds. For the past few years since having little ones most of my Christmas shopping has been done online.

    I do occasionally hit sales on the day after Christmas if there is something I think I need or if I have the shopping bug.

  8. I got the Loft python shirt over the wknd for $17/18.  Like the way you think!

  9. Well-said Nikki! There are so many great deals to be found throughout the year at places like TJ Maxx and during big sales at the mall, it's silly to go clothes shopping when the mall is that busy.

  10. Did I mention I've never been Black Friday shopping for clothes? I really don't think I could go as "hard core" as you are describing, lol! This outfit is plenty comfy and easy to get in and out of for the type of marathon shopping I'm used to! :-)

  11. Bleh, I hear you on Black Friday!  I worked retail for four years and Black Friday was the worst!  People get this crazy look in their eyes and think it is the biggest deal ever when sometimes it's not.  I worked at Victoria's Secret and they really didn't offer deals except that you got a free bag.  Big whoop.  After Christmas we would have HUGE deals but people mainly came in to exchange and return.  They didn't have crazy eyes then... they had angry eyes and bratty teenagers!  Happy Holidays!!

  12. I wanted to spread the word about this awesome black Friday deal!

    Faux suede pumps for 10 bucks each!

    I finally got some red pumps!

  13. I usually go Black Friday Shopping and go to the mall. I agree that Black Friday Sales are not  the best deals when it comes to cloths. The best deals are after the winter (End of December-February). Since I already know most of the sales for the shops I like (i.e. NY&Co is always Half-off all items Black Friday, and Loft is always 40%) I like to go for things that I know I won't find at the end of the season. I have my eye on a leather jacket from Express and I never see it at the end of the season, so for me, I feel that I am getting the best deal for it on Black Friday.