November 22, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Totally Genius

Maybe I'm just easily entertained, but the idea of putting a cargo vest over a leather jacket = genius!! Heck, the idea of putting anything over a leather jacket is genius to me. It never, ever would have occurred to me to layer something on top of a leather jacket. My brain is definitely more left than right, so I have a hard time thinking outside the box at times. It is days like these that make me love the internet and the fact we can share fashion ideas with each other, because I dig this look and think it's cute. :-) Am I living under a rock? Have you ever layered something over your leather jacket?

Inspiration photo: My Daily Style
Leather jacket: Banana Republic, $150
Vest: Banana Republic, $35
T-shirt: Gap, $10
Jeans: American Eagle, $35
Belt: Joe's Jeans c/o Marshall's, $20
Boots: Aldo, $75
Clock necklace: Westminster Abbey gift shop, $35
Chain necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $69

1. Forever 21 twill trench vest, $24.80
2. Dillards fur and suede vest, $85
3. Pink Mascara olive cargo vest, $57.20


  1. Yeah I would have never thought of it either, but it looks ok! :)

  2. I would have never thought of it either, but it looks pretty cool.  I layered a vest, over a button up, over a dress and that was a big deal for me, lol!  Heather

  3. I'm going to try layering my faux fur vest over my leather jacket this winter.  I'm a little concerned it will look too bulky, though.

  4. This is a great look! I would have never thought of it either and you pull it off nicely!

  5. nicely done, I like the simple yet chic look (and warm!) :)

    xo Nav

  6. have you seen pinterest j?? It's a great website for organizing your inspiration photos!!

  7. I have never layered over leather, but I LOVE this color combo!

  8. I've had that image saved, as well. I think you did well recreating this look. Layering a vest over leather has been on my list of layering, to-do. I'll have it featured on an upcoming post in a series that I just started called, Anatomy of Clothes where I breakdown an outfit and show my styling details. I love finding ways to layer creatively and wear my clothes in ways that they are "normally" worn. It makes my closet much more interesting to play with! I have less urges to run out and buy something new, knowing that I can make old things look new by wearing them differently. Have a fabulous day, J!

  9. I have a cream coloured leather jacket and bought a cream faux fur vest to wear over top... saw it done last winter with black jacket and black fur vest on someone. Looks great!

  10. I could never pull off anything like that but it's natural to u! And you are def rocking it..I have a thanksgiving party to attend could you pretty please post some looks for a thanksgiving dinner using a dress and a diff one with pants?? Please...?? K thanks xoxo

  11. Ok, I'm loving all your great fall looks, but don't you live in Florida? We're originally from PA, but moved to NC and it's still 80 here in November and it's killing me! I'm a dresses with tights and boots and sweater layers kinda girl, but then I sweat till I pass out. I need ways to dress fall, but still stay cool when the weather is still screaming summer. Any suggestions? 

  12. Genius is right!!    As you know, when you're wearing a leather
    your body gradually "warms up" the leather, much like a man "warms up"
    his leather wallet............ i.e., when he carries his wallet in
    either the back-pocket of his pants;  or in the front chest-pocket of
    his shirt.   If it's really *C.O.L.D.* and/or windy
    outside, a
    tightly-woven twill (or even nylon) vest, *over* a leather jacket, would
    then help to "HOLD-IN the warmth" not only of your BODY............ but also actually of your "warmed-up" leather JACKET itself,
    too!!    So,
    genius----(i.e., about wearing a cargo vest *over* a leather
    jacket)----is genuinely right!!    The deep steel-gray color of
    cargo vest looks so attractive over your camel-colored leather
    jacket!!    (I wonder if a burgundy or *winter*-white vest
    might also
    look nice over your jacket, too?)

  13. (I'm very sorry that my Comment is so spread out----I'm not sure why that happened, because it sure wasn't spread out when I typed it!!)

  14. I actually have that vest and did a double take when I saw this because I've been trying to figure out how to wear it with no success.  Thanks for the great idea!

  15. Hi Amy, I do live in Florida! This is not a personal style blog though, you can think of it more as a magazine where I use my personal clothes to illustrate points/share outfits. I have had TONS of requests for cold weather looks from my fans up north, so I am posting for them! If you are looking for outfit ideas, I suggest checking out the photo albums on my Facebook page for more than 500 outfits - that is the easiest way to view them. There are 3 albums and they are all called "J's Everyday Outfits."

  16. I would never have thought of doing this! Genius!