April 27, 2013

Today's Everyday Fashion: Striped Peplum

I did a little experimenting with my new striped peplum top yesterday. I like doing this with new items, before it comes time to actually get dressed. I"m always running late and if I leave it to the last minute, I wind up hating what I'm wearing. This way, I've got a bunch of outfits in mind for this top - I know what bottoms work and what shoes are an option depending on how much walking I have to do!

My first try included navy sailor shorts, but the shorts are too big so they are going back (you can't tell at all from the picture, it's the back view, promise). Next up I went for white bottoms. I love it with both shorts and jeans, and red shoes are fun but I think I like neutral white and brown even better. Which version is your favorite? 

Top: Limited, $18 sold out online
Necklace: My Stella & Dot, $118
Navy shorts: Tailor & Stylist c/o, $22 borrowed
Jeans: Gap, $30 (similar, similar)
Shorts: Gap, $24 (similar, similar)
White heels: Banana Republic, $25 (similarsimilar, similar)
Red wedges: Express c/o. $30 (similar, similar)
Purse: Page 6 c/o (similar)
Rings: My Stella & Dot 12
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot 1, 2, 3, 4

Alfani  /  Forever 21  /   C. Wonder  /  Arden B
Vince Camuto  /   ModCloth  /  ModCloth  /  Eight Sixty
Nasty Gal  /  Forever 21  /  Arden B  /  Lord & Taylor


  1. I have the forever 21 one, you look great..


  2. I think they all look great! You are a very lovely model. I am even more perplexed at how you manage to have an almost identical facial expression in each shot :-)

  3. I was really liking the blue sailor shorts look... Too bad they're too big. :-/ I also like the middle, white jeans look as well! :)



  4. I like the navy blue shorts combo, since I have a similar pair and could recreate this look.

  5. I like the pop of red with the shoes. But the simple whites are good too. Too bad those navy shorts are too lose, they are super cute!


  6. The shorts are my #1 pick. Perhaps grab it in a smaller size? The other looks are fine too but there's something about the navy and those buttons that make me perk up and smile.


  7. I love striped and patterned peplum! I think this has a nautical feel with the high waisted shorts.


  8. I love all the ways you styled this top. Too bad those navy shorts are too big, they're really cute, I do love the top with the white bottoms though. I agree the white shoes look better. But the red shoes would make a fun 4th of July outfit!


  9. WOW!! You really nailed it here - all 3 of these outfits and total head-to-toe perfection! I especially love the navy sailor shorts...so sorry they don't fit? I hope you can get them in a smaller size because they look fantastic on you. Thanks for posting!

  10. Another uncanny coincidence! I just bought a black & white peplum top with an Aztec-type pattern at Target. I love your combinations, especially the one with white jeans. (The red shoes pop just a little too much, I think.) I'm thinking that both of our peplums have endless possibilities. As always, good "work!"

  11. Bummer that the navy shorts didn't fit because they are adorable!

  12. My favorite is the outfit with the blue shorts!
    The others are super cute, too :)

  13. I like the outfit with the navy sailor shorts the best! Too bad on the shorts being too big. It's very cute! My next pick would be the outfit with the red wedges.

  14. I love the navy shorts!! I bet they'd be cute with the red heels!

    Erin Leigh

  15. I love the navy shorts! I bet they'd be cute with the red heels!


  16. I agree! Those navy shorts are adorable and would be very cute with the red heels.

  17. Spent the day at the outlet mall looking for a pink top since I do not own anything pink and I love stripes. The pink striped peplum from C. Wonder is perfect and what I am looking for. Thank you, J!

  18. I love all three outfits, maybe the version with your white jeans the best, simply because the greater expanse/contrast of white denim really............ *sets off and highlights* the stripes and the peplum -ness............ of your pretty peplum top!! Although it's a very minor detail, J., I like how the peplum ruffle hides the waistline hardware on your white shorts............ which then helps to "maintain the line." If the rise of your jeans were, say, 3/4-inch higher----(or if your peplum ruffle were, say, 3/4-inch longer!!)----then maybe (?) that same type of "uninterrupted line" could be in the outfit with your white jeans, too.

    In your (always very, VERY interesting!!) Experimental Outfit Posts, in addition to your saying why you like certain pieces and/or accessories----(e.g., as you did in this post about your shoe preferences!!)----I also learn SO much from your Commenters, too, i.e., about specifically why they prefer one version of an outfit over another!! When you SHARE your own Outfit-Experimenting *Process* with your Readers; then also ASK your Readers' opinions about outfit preferences............ (and other topics, too!!)............ that - (to me) - is another way in which you show............ how much you genuinely *V.A.L.U.E.* your Readers, J.!!