February 4, 2013

Today's Everyday Fashion: The Mustard Sweater

It was love at first sight when I bought this sweater last year. It has been worn often ever since, and has cute buttons down the back. Here are a few ways I've styled it so far, including one new outfit (bottom pic) that I wore shopping a few weeks ago. Do you have a favorite sweater? Which outfit is your favorite?  

Sweater: LOFT, $17
Shirt: Ralph Lauren outlet, $20 (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: TJ Maxx, $18
Boots: Chinese Laundry c/o
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $68
Purse: Karen Millen, gift (similar)

Urban Outfitters / Forever 21 / Amazon
Lands' End / Kohl's / Piperlime / Banana Republic


  1. My favorite is the one with the green pants. I did a mustard and green combo here http://pinksole.com/2013/01/casual-green-vest-yellow-jeans/ and I loved it!


  2. I have a hard time pulling off the mustard color, particularly in the winter months when I'm not as tan. You pull it off marvelously though! I think I actually like your newest outfit with it the best! Adorable boots!

  3. Wow, you really have gotten good use out of that sweater (which is amazing since mustard is such a hard color [for me/in my mind] to pull off)!! My favorite sweater is definitely a big grandpa cardigan I got at Goodwill... I've gotten WAY more than my money's worth out of it on all of the days I'm just bumming around :)


  4. You sure have gotten a lot of use out of that sweater. That's great. I do have a couple of favorite sweaters: one is the tippi from J Crew and my other is a striped top that i bought a few years  ago. Love sweaters.



  5. love it! my favs are the jeans & blue skirt outfits!

    my fav sweater is a basic taupe/brown sweater from t.j.maxx...
    goes with EVERYTHING!

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  6. I love the one you chose to go out shopping with. My favorite sweater is either my fringed sweater that I can wear with multiple outfits or my H&M oatmeal colored sweater. Usually I hate non-cotton sweaters b/c of pilling problems but both have done very well for me so far! 

    FashionEdible Blog

  7. I've learned to love mustard color thanks to your blog, and bought really cute mustard wool sweater two winters ago, and when I bought burgundy jeans few days ago that sweater was the first clothing item on my mind to wear them with... I LOVED burgundy-mustard combination I saw in one of your outfits (top row, with the gray jacket on top of it), actually I pretty much unconsciously recreated that outfit b/c I also wore (not cognac but lighter shade) brown knee high boots... (was really cold so I had to have puffer jacket on top)
    I think my favourite sweater might be the fair isle one, from 5-6 years ago, it's in shades of dusty pink/purple-ish colors... also has turtleneck, I wear it casual with jeans...

  8. that first look is my favorite. you look fantastic in mustard
    kw Ladies in Navy

  9. I love the layering of today's outfit best, even though I like all of them. My favorite sweater is a navy v-neck that pairs with just about everything in my closet, but I especially like wearing it with colored skirts, pants, and jeans. In reality, I never would have thought about pairing a neutral top with a colored bottom until I started reading your blog. Thank you for the daily inspiration.

  10. I am a sucker for anything mustard yellow, so I love this outfit recap.  My favorite look is your first one with the pencil skirt. The minty green and mustard are so unexpected, but work together so well!  As far as a favorite sweater, I have too many to count to pick a favorite, lol! Heather

  11. My favorite is the last one, with the booties. I don't ever feel comfortable in booties (thank you, short, stubby legs!), but I love them on you! 


  12. my favorite is the one with the green pants! that's  some wardrobe remixing!!


  13. It's a good thing I don't get sick of my sweaters because I sure get my use out of them! I love all the different variations of outfits you created with this one sweater. I'm gonna try to switch it up using a couple of mine. I think in terms of a favorite outfit above, I love the first one. I love the gray pencil skirt contrasted against the mustard sweater and then the pop of the bauble necklace. So cute!


  14. You are so lucky you look good in that color! I love the dark denim look the best. I have always loved yellow & dark jeans...such a great contrast! 

    Classy with a

  15. Great post! The first, second and last outfits are my favorites! I love mustard, and it is great that you have a post dedicated to this color! =]

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  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your outfits with the mustard sweater! I think my favorite would be the top left or top right. One of my favorite pieces that I own is my corduroy mustard skirt!

    XO Samantha

  17. I love my mustard cardi -- I feel like it goes with everything! you look great in all these photos! xo


  18. I love a mustard top, I'm actually wearing one right now! I've got a short sleeved sweater and a cardi, it's such a versatile color.  Love all your looks!

  19. My favorite is #5 because it's extremely simple but incorporates nice fall colors in it. My favorite sweater is just a basic coral sweater which I got from H&M because it's basic, I can pair it and wear it so many different ways!


  20. So I'm trying to skim down my closet to a mere 50 pieces and never realized how versatile this mustard could be! You know you think, omg this is such a LOUD color, but then again it naturally goes with everything. Almost as if it were a neutral!! 

    Currently contemplating switching out my mustard shirt for a shirt is less versatile.



  21. Mustard is a bad bad color against my fair skin, but I snagged some mustard jeans (pants = color not next to face) on sale at Old Navy based on the great outfits you've created with mustard. First, I have found them to be incredibly versatile - like you said, almost a neutral but a lot punchier and more fun. Second, I get compliments every single time I wear them! 

    What I'm trying to say is...thank you for the endless inspiration you provide! It is much appreciated (-:

  22. I love every single one of these! What fabulous ways to remix the same sweater. The first and the last are my favorites.

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  23. Kind of digging this mustard trend you got going on...I dont have that much mustard just recently bought mustard shoes for the summer. My fav sweater is a red on from Zara total softness

    xo cassy

  24. Hi J!!

    Thanks for helping us regular girls learn how to put together outfits.
    My favorite sweater is a salmon colored one that I just purchased at ON. I love love love that color! I don't think mustard works with my skin tone, but salmon definitely does.

    My fave look from this collection is the one with the riding boots.


  25. Before actress Elizabeth Taylor died~~and back when her hair was dark~~HER favorite colors were purple and lavender, which highlighted her *stunning violet eyes*............ so she mesmerizingly wore purple and lavender frequently, styled in all kinds of ways.    Maybe mustard............ because it highlights your *beautiful hair color and skin tone*, J. ............ is YOUR true "signature color," you know!!   

    I just love sunflowers because they're such a bright, *cheery* flower;  and every time you wear "something mustard" in your blogposts............ (e.g., a sweater, cardigan, shirt, dress, or jeans)............ the one phrase that first comes to my mind is............ "Happy like a sunflower!!"    And a little mustard-y "Happy like a sunflower!!" here----(i.e., during a cold, gray, dreary Pennsylvania Winter)----sure goes a loooong way, let me tell ya, (haha)!!

  26. I do have a favorite sweater but as many times as I try to not wear it often, I fail.  It is my favorite after all.  The outfit that stands out in my mind is the first one with the greyish/blueish skirt.  It is so pretty that I am on the look out for a skirt in that color.  Thanks for the inspiration, it really helps:)

  27. I am also fair-skinned and have been avoiding mustard tones as well, but you're right about wearing yellow tones on the BOTTOM! Duh ... :) I'll be on the look out for some mustard pants. All of my other colors would go so well with them!

  28. Wow - never knew a sweater of that hue could be so versatile!  You're very creative ;)

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend