February 3, 2013

Today's Everyday Fashion: Argyle

Inspiration: Piperlime

I had a major thing for argyle about five years ago and that's when I bought this sweater! I haven't worn it for a couple years, but I'm happy I kept it because I plan on adding it back into rotation. A lot of people subscribe to the "toss it if you haven't worn it in a year" rule, but I'm more of a pack rat who holds onto anything I love that might come back into style. I only toss things that don't fit, are too worn or I'm just not digging. Are you a fan of argyle? How do you decide what to keep?

Sweater: Ben Sherman/Filene's Basement, old (similar, similar)
Shirt: Mudd c/o Kohl's, $20 (similar, similar)
Jeans: American Eagle, $33 (similar, similarsimilar, similar)
Shoes: Bandolino/TJ Maxx, $20
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Green bracelet: My Stella & Dot website, $49
Other bracelets: My Stella & Dot website, $79
Rings: My Stella & Dot website 12


  1. I'm not really that into argyle. I prefer plaid over argyle just because it's so hard to wear without looking to school-like.  I really like your inspiration photo from Piperlime though. Lately I've been layering a lot of my sweaters with chambray tops just so the collar is peaking out from the neck. I also like the washed out look of the jeans and how they're a bit rolled up. It really makes the outfit a spring look with the yellows and pinks.


  2. I'm more in to plaid than argyle. Maybe because I live in Florida, but I think of argyle as what the ol grandpas wear on the golf courses :) 
    I like the inspiration picture. I think the oversized sweater balances the jeans and heels and makes it kind of androgynous. I'm not sure the inspiration picture could be considered argyle though? It just looks like a printed sweater.
    That said I don't think either of the looks are my style. I still haven't been able to push myself into getting a chambray shirt! But I'm tempted!! 

  3. J, how do you keep your clothes looking so "new" after owning them and wearing them for years? I feel like all of my clothes stretch, shrink, and fade after only a few washes. I buy most of my clothes from places like Forever 21, Target, and Loft and I use a good detergent. Do you have any tips for me?? Thanks! And I love your outfit today!

  4. I love this outfit - you always look so much better than the inspiration photos!  I keep things I love too and toss if I haven't worn it and don't think I will.  Usually the things I toss were impulse buys and I am really trying to learn from those mistakes.  Seems I always have a pile of clothes to donate that are in great shape but don't really work for me.  Thanks for all you do on your blog, it has helped me so much!

  5. Dear J, I decided to finally to leave a comment on your blog, the reason is to thank you. I absolutely love your style. I visit your blog everyday, an I even have some of your pictures as my computer wallpaper for inspiration. A big THANK YOU and HUGS, from across the ocean all the way from Portugal!

  6. I love this outfit!  Usually I don't go for the button down under the sweater, but each piece your wearing helps to make it more casual and fun. 

  7. You look so great in argyle but sadly it's just too preppy for me! And I'm with you, I go by whether it fits or not... if it's too small I donate it :)


  8. I have 3 pumps on my wishlist right now, purple, cobalt blue and yellow. I'm only missing the yellow thanks for these options. 


  9. The torn jeans kind of give this preppy look an edge. I'm a total purger! I donate things at least twice a year.

  10. Love this outfit! Very pretty color combo! I am a pack rat too! I get rid of stuff if it doesn't fit or its worn out

    XO Samantha

  11. Since I love anything preppy, I am a huge fan of argyle.  I absolutely adore this look!  The double denim is fun and the yellow shoes go so well with your sweater.  Super cute!  Heather

  12. I LOVE argyle!! Love how you made the outfit pop with the yellow shoes. Great casual look!


  13. I too, love argyle, but always feel a little nerdy in it. I love how the ripped jeans and heels make it not feel so young. Great outfit...as always!

  14. Argyle instantly preps an outfit. I'm afraid I'm one of those "toss if you haven't worn it" types of people. I tend to extend the deadline to 2 years on pieces that I have worn only once or twice (usually clearance pieces - when will I learn??)

  15. I honestly never thought I'd describe an outfit with ARGYLE as being "cute"............ but this outfit is stylistically so, SO *cute*, J.!!    Your (Stella & Dot) Kelly green "Zinnia Bracelet" is also just the right little *highlighting touch* - (i.e., with argyle) - too!!

    I have a full-length, single-breasted~~(olive-green/pine-green/cobalt-blue/black)~~plaid Pendleton wool coat which I've had forever, but it's one of those "classic" coat styles with a "traditional" print, (i.e., plaid), which will probably never completely go out of style............ kind of like your Ben Sherman argyle sweater here, you know!!    Maybe (?) those Classic Pieces In Traditional Prints/Designs----(e.g., argyle;  plaid;  Fair Isle;  paisley;  ikat;  Aztec;  other tribal prints;  stripes;  polka dots;  etc.)----or those Classic Pieces in Traditional Fabrics/Materials like silk;  lace;  leather;  and (even!!) denim will just kind of comfortably............ "dig in and live" in our (collective) closets *forever*, (haha)!!

  16. I love this outfit! I have an argyle sweater that I never wear because I don't know what to wear it with so that I don't look super stuffy/buttoned up. In fact, I may even try it tomorrow... Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  17. Love this J!!  You look absolutely adorable... as ever :)

  18. I love argyle, and definitely passed through a phase, too. I've given it a rest but know that I'll be all over it again in the distant (or possibly even near) future. I love the way you styled it, but think a more fitted or less casual shirt would look great with this sweater!

  19. Love argyle, and yours is much cuter than the pieces I have!  I'm really envying your jeans too.

  20. Hey J! I hope you don't mind, but I "pinned" the yellow shoes to Pinterest. I credited your blog in the comments of the pic because I couldn't find them among your boards. My bestie is looking yellow heels for her bridesmaids to wear at her wedding and I thought the ones you show are all so perfect! Let me know if you'd like me to remove it. Thanks!

  21. Chelsea, I love it when you guys pin things! :-) If you pin directly from here, it will click through and give credit that way. You are sweet for asking, please pin as much as you would like.