January 7, 2012

Today's Everyday Fashion: The Wool Hat

I think floppy wool hats are adorable, so when I recently found this one on sale for $12, I had to give it a try. It wasn't until I got home that I had the reaction that I think most people would: "what in the world am I going to wear this with?!!" Thankfully, I have tons of inspiration photos (aka "outfit recipes") saved on my computer to get me started. I loved the look of a oversized sweater, skinny jeans and booties so I gave it a try! I really only feel comfortable wearing hats when I'm outdoors, so I would likely wear this look to a farmer's market or other outdoor errands. Are you rocking the floppy wool hat trend? What do you like to pair it with?

Inspiration photo: Who What Wear
Sweater: Victoria's Secret c/o MJR Sales, $17
Shirt: Gap, $14
Jeans: TJ Maxx, $17
Boots: Steve Madden Tanngoo from Endless, $47
Hat: c/o Express, $12
Purse: River Island, $60
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Right hand bracelet: Banana Republic, $10
Left hand bracelets: Stella & Dot serpent $49 and leather wrap $59 (these link to my personal website)

1. Charlotte Russe wool hat, $7.99 (on sale)
2. Urban Outfitters wool hat, $9.99 (on sale)
3. Charlotte Russe wool hat, $7.99 (on sale)


  1. Oh how I love them!  I have been searching for one every now and again when I am out that is small enough for my small head and face, but they are hard to come across!  I love them with maxi dresses and a wide belt around the waist and platform heels!  A modern handbag works well with them too, so you aren't head to toe 70's!  I will wait and wait until I find the right one!!!


  2. Floppy hats are really cute on others, but I feel stupid wearing one.  I do have one that I wear to the beach to help block the sun, but it's not as cute as yours :)

  3. PennyPincherFashionJanuary 7, 2012 at 10:04 AM

    You look adorable - I love it! :)

  4. Cute! I saw that sweater on MJR. What do you think about it? It looks pretty. :)

  5. I feel far too conspicuous in a hat.  But then again, I used to feel the same way about belts and you've converted me over to them. 

  6. I was THISCLOSE to picking up that exact hat today at Express - after seeing you wear it I wish I had!  They had a cute camel colored one too. 


  7. I liked the way you layered the sweater and button up in the previous post. :) With an oversized sweater, I often find that if my shirt underneath bunches up, the sweater makes me look bulky rather than cute. 

  8. love the hat,  i really need to try that look!


  9. aahh! Love that hat! I always buy hats (they're a total weakness of mine) but then never wear them as I don't know what to wear them with. This outfit is a definite winner. (Those boots are fantastic too.)
    Love your blog! It's the inspiration I needed for my sad wardrobe :)
    Andrea xoxo

  10. Thanks Nikki! I'm a fan of this sweater. It has a slight ivory wide stripe to it and a bit of sparkle sewn into it. Here's a look I did with it this summer: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=291194344239642&set=a.213402672018810.68316.120030604689351&type=3&theater

  11. i always feel great wearing a hat on the beach, but haven't quite mastered how to wear them elsewhere! I think living in the city helps, you do more outside walking there than in the burbs.

  12. Thank you so much Andrea!! :-)

  13. Love your outfit! Super cute. I'm on the fence about buying a wool floppy hat for myself. It seems stylish but not practical for a northeastern winter?

  14. Thanks Stephanie! I honestly think this hat makes more sense for someone up north, or at least more up north than Florida! :-) You may not be able to wear it in a snowstorm, but I think it could work for the many mildly chilly days in between!

  15. I have been thinking about purchasing a hat like this esp for summers on the river! The look is wonderful and polished! LOVE. check out my blog as well http://www.fashionatabargain.blogspot.com/

  16. I was so close to getting this hat but with my curls I look stupid. It doesn't work with all the volume that I have. Which is a bummer because it's so cute. I love this outfit. Thanks again for sharin!

  17. I like the hat! I would pair it with a silky top in a jewel tone, maybe purple or burgundy?