December 10, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Fair Isle Sweater

I've been lu-ving the Fair Isle sweater trend this year, and I finally took the plunge and bought one online on Black Friday! It's cozy, it's cute and it's a bit whimsical. I plan to wear this outfit for ice skating once it gets a bit colder here in Florida. Will you be picking up a Fair Isle sweater this year?

Sweater: American Eagle, $30 (recent)
Jeans: Gap, $15
Belt: H&M, $20
Boots: Forever 21, $33
Hat: Nine West from Macy's
Purse: Juicy Couture from Neiman Marcus Last Call, $118

1. American Eagle fair isle sweater, $49.99
2. Forever 21 fair isle sweater, $22.80
3. American Eagle fair isle sweater, $29.70 (comes in 4 colors)


  1. I hate so many of them, but the one you picked is just PERFECT. I may have to run over to AE today!

  2. haha I was thinking the same thing!  You look so comfy and warm ;)

  3. oh my goodness. this makes me want to drive to the mall and pick up 5 fair isle sweaters right now. such a simple outfit but so stinking cute! 

    write up your ali

  4. How cute are you in that outfit? You would be right at home here in upstate NY(-:

  5. You could wear a garbage bag and make it look stylish. Too cute, J! lol

  6. only adorable YOU could make a fair isle sweater look hot. =)   


  7. Ohh I love the fair aisle sweater! It's so fun and unexpected! I love how you paired that with the wide leg jeans too! Super cute! I have a longer fair aisle sweater from last year that is pretty much the best thing ever haha but I want a cropped one like yours too!

  8. Love this look!  I wish I had gotten the chance to buy that AE Fair Isle sweater before they were out of my size :(

    Cup of Tea