November 9, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Rainbow Bright

I like every color individually, but rainbows are my favorite. Why wear one color, when you can wear them all? :-) I often think of rainbows as more of a summer thing, so I immediately liked this inspiration photo and the fact that she is wearing a rainbow shirt in a cold-weather look. Would you sport rainbow prints in the winter, or do you reserve them only for summer?

Inspiration photo: Refinery 29
Blazer: Express, $25
Shirt: Forever 21, $18
Pants: Gap, $15
Belt: H&M, $20
Shoes: Restricted via Endless, $40
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Earrings: c/o Mikel Maia
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $19

1. Trina Turk rainbow top, $66
2. Arden B rainbow top, $29.99
3. Forever 21 rainbow top, $19.80


  1. I love the forever 21 top!  Your look is fabulous!  It is so much like the picture.  Great job!

  2. What a great outfit J! I want to try colored jeans so badly but am still a little nervous...

  3. I love bright colors year round & luckily, Florida's weather makes that a DO :)

  4. Colors should be worn year round. It's all about how you pair and accessorize with the rainbow to make it season appropriate.  You added the camel blazer which makes it look "fallish" but in the summer you could wear a white blazer too.  Heather

  5. You look great but that inspiration photo looks like a really bad 1960's flashback.  Such a slooppy hippies look.

  6. You could start small - there are some great maroon cords at Gap this fall that could be one small step towards wearing really bright jeans! :-)

  7. super cute, i love your blouse!

  8. I heart rainbows too!  Which is why I wear them all year long :)  I love your look today, as well as the Trina Turk top in the thumbnail.  Fabulous!

  9. You so nailed this look, I have to say J...those pants were a steal!


  10. Much like your Inspiration Photo, I have a mock-turtleneck top in a (mid-weight) cotton jersey-knit............ with horizontal stripes in deep violet & emerald green;  bright yellow & orange;  and white & black.    The mock-turtleneck was a gift;  and I thought it would be "entirely too loud" for ME to wear!!    However, I decided to give it a try;  so I've worn the top casually with an (open) black cotton jersey-knit cardigan and deep indigo pants (or jeans).   

    Every time I wear these colorful rainbow stripes............ my HEART just *feels happy*............ I find myself smiling (even more);  and............ (best of all!!), I also see people genuinely *SMILING*............ right when they first see MY "Little Bit Of A Rainbow" shirt............ as I did, J, when I saw YOURS, (Above), too!!

  11. Wear rainbows anytime! I'm glad we are only the same page. Bright happy colors are more important in the winter to counteract the grey weather!