November 26, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Primary Colors

Last week I had a blogger tweet-up to attend and this is what I wore! At the time I had the world's worst cold, and while this outfit may be "loud" in color, it's also very cozy and comfortable, which is exactly what I was craving since I wasn't feeling my best. I've done primary colors looks before (such as this one) and honestly can't get enough. Tell me - would you wear this look?

Inspiration photo: Homeworkshop
Sweater: Gap, $14
Jeans: American Eagle, $35
Shoes: c/o Express, $33
Necklace: Ebay c/o Shop it Beverly Hills, $38
Purse: c/o It's in the Bag, $99
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift

1. Gap neon sweater, $25
2. American Eagle cobalt jeans, $44.50
3. Zad orange necklace, $38


  1. I loved those colors and the necklace was to die for!! I like to wear bright colors when I'm feeling under the weather in hopes that it tricks my brain to liven my spirits!

  2. love it. would definitely wear it if i looked as good in the jeans! lol....But seriously, it's a fantastic outfit.

  3. I can't look at primary colors without thinking of Google anymore! This outfit is adorable, I would definitely wear it.

  4. J I LOOOOOOOVE THIS OUTFIT! I love bright colors. This looks GREAT on you!

  5. I, too, think wearing colorful
    clothing, (i.e., either pastels or brights), when we're not feeling our best ............ (i.e.,
    like poor you weren't feeling your best in your Primary-Color Outfit, Above!!) ............ or when we're completely exhausted, genuinely makes us feel
    better!!    Additionally, others will usually be able to TELL
    that we're not feeling well and/or are exhausted;  and then
    (*subconsciously*) think to themselves, e.g., "Wow, she has the world's worst cold;  yet S.H.E. still took the time to *dress* well, poor thing;  so I think that I.'L.L. ............ just be a little bit *nicer* to her today!!"   

    'Colorfully-classic AND ............ *therapeutically*-rockin' outfit, J!!  

  6. Really love this look.  Huge fan of color.  Color blocking is so fun!  Can you do a series on dressing for winter?  Especially how to look chic (not bulky) wearing winter clothes.  I want to wear boots with but don't know how without looking like a chunky monkey.  Can you help? 

  7. You do color so well

  8. Somedays I like primary colors and other days I'm afraid I'll look like I'm 12. I really love each peice that you've combined here!

  9. Thanks for showing us how to use the color wheel.  I'd love to see more.  You're blogging is helping me use what I already have in my closet and purchase wisely.  I can't thank you enough for being so willing to share your ideas.