November 25, 2011

Flashback Friday: Red Pants

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It's Flashback Friday and today I'm sharing 9 ways I wore red pants. Admittedly one of the hottest items this fall, if you don't already own red pants, I recommend scooping up a pair soon. I've done 9 looks so far, but I have a feeling there are many more to come! Which look is your favorite?

1. American Eagle red denim, $44.50
2. Urban Outfitters red denim, $58
3. ASOS red denim, $62.90 (on sale)


  1. Loooove this!! I have been eyeing red jeans & really wanting some!!! 

  2. I love this post!  I am obsessed with my red jeggings from Old Navy (and my cobalt blue ones, for that matter!)  I love your look with the leopard top from Express and the black blazer and boots!  I may wear the same thing out tomorrow night, but with a black leather jacket instead of a blazer!

  3. You did an awesome job of styling those red pants

    Petite Little Girl

  4. Love it with the camel blazer!  All those looks are great, nothing like using neutrals to cool down hot pants! 


  5. Loving those red pants ideas! Thanks for sharing so many versatile looks. So glad I nabbed some up. My favorites are the red+camel "looks". So classy!

  6. I really like all
    outfits, but particularly the one with the graphic tee, (i.e., top row on the
    end);  and the one with the rainbow shirt, (i.e., bottom row on the
    very end)............ both for the same two reasons!!: 
    #1)  When your jeans are "bright-bright," (which I really love in any
    color!!), it seems to me that having "just a touch of"
    that particular bright color in either a shirt;  or
    in a cardigan/blazer;  or in a statement
    necklace/scarf, simply helps to make makes your Bright-Jeans-Based
    Outfitseem a lot more *pulled-together and intentional*............ particularly for those workplaces and/or
    meetings where it's
    very appropriate to wear fashion jeans.    Your graphic tee and
    your rainbow shirt both have touches of red in them............
    which somehow seems to "soften"
    the bright pop of red in your jeans!!
    #2)  Your camel blazer complements your
    lovely skin tone so, so well that----(when you wear it)----it kind of
    "blends in" with your face/neck/hands, almost
    providing a larger surface area for that *pretty camel
    color*............ which then additionally helps to "soften"
    the bright pop of red in your jeans!!

  7. Thanks for sharing all of those looks! I've been tempted to get red pants, but I had no idea how to pair it. 

  8. I love how versatile you made red pants look! I would probably only think to pair it with black or white! Awesome, J!

  9. Yes..thank you for this spread!  I have been dying to get red skinny jeans and just got some but then could NOT figure out how to wear them..this helps!

  10. I bought a pair of red pants a few months ago and never wear them! Thanks for the post! This is great and just what I needed:)

  11. I bought my pair at Wet Seal for just under $30 and they are on sale now :)