February 15, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: The Safety Zone

Last week I was asked to speak at a women's networking event. The catch: the event was happening in only a couple hours! I said yes and then (*gulp*) I realized I needed to prepare something to say and find a cute outfit. I started to try on every item in my closet and then it hit me - this kind of occasion calls for the safety zone. What is the safety zone? Well, for me that's when you put on all of your favorite pieces and then you feel nice and safe. :-) It did the trick. I felt free to concentrate on my speech and wasn't worried about my outfit because these are some of my most-loved pieces! What is your safety zone outfit?

Why this works: A navy blazer and collared shirt are pretty formal. I paired them with ripped jeans to add a fun vibe to my outfit and keep it from looking too buttoned-up!

Occasion: Speaking engagement
Blazer: Gap, $70
Shirt: H&M, $13
Brooch: Banana Republic, $15
Belt: H&M, $20
Jeans: American Eagle, $33
Shoes: Restricted/Endless.com, $39
Watch: Michael Kors, Christmas present
Bracelets: Banana Republic, $10-15

A huge thanks to Tiffany for snapping this photo and sending it to me! :-)

About the event: Orlando Women's Network (OWN) is a monthly meet-up for professionals in Orlando. I spoke about how to market your small business, including lots of tips for Facebook, Twitter and marketing online. About 15 women were in attendance, it was great to meet everyone! Check out this link if you're interested in attending the next meeting.


  1. Love the outfit, J. I have those jeans too and they are now my absolute favorites! Love the whole combo.

  2. Wow you are so creative, and smart! A safety zone oyutfit I would have never thought of that, You are amazing and I will work on creating my own. How inspirational that you were the speaker for the womens event. I love that women like you feel empowered and help others. Love love your blog! SInce the fisrt day I saw it about 1 month ago.

  3. You look so cute! I love to mix formal and casual pieces to make a unique outfit that reflects my tastes. When I am in a rush and have to put something together on short notice, depending on the event, I often choose jeans with a black or grey top. I add accessories and cool shoes or boots to balance add color and uniqueness. I'm a big fan of black and grey and am really trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. Your blog has given me so many ideas on how to pair items together that I already have. I love your taste!

  4. You look fantastic!!! I agree this is a safety zone outfit :)

  5. I need a safety zone outfit! That's a great idea :)

  6. oh that's a great idea to have a safety zone outfit could litteraly save your life and every item is so versatile

  7. Very Cute


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  9. Thank you Aggie! So glad you like the blog, thanks for reading!

  10. Your outfit is adorable. I love the jeans!

  11. Great look! I don't normally go for ripped jeans, but those look really cute on you.

  12. I have safe outfits too! I didn't knwo other people did too. Mine tend to be dark colors and less form fitting and low key jewelry.

  13. Ooh! I have been there! The boyfriend and I enjoyed their lemon cake at the table in front of the wine! =)
    The Dessert Lady is a pretty cool place! Outfits pretty awesome too!