February 21, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: No Regrets

I have an annoying habit of "saving the best for last." As a child I would save my best candy or Crayon and then ultimately wound up never getting to use them. I wish I could say I've outgrown this tendency, but I did the same thing with this outfit! I wanted to save it for a cold day in Orlando and instead I missed the boat altogether. :-( There's always next winter, right?

Styling tip: Please, by all means, learn from my mistake! Don't save that amazing outfit, wear it now! If there's another occasion down the line, just wear it again. I promise I won't tell. ;-)

Inspiration photo: J.Crew
Jacket: LOFT, $50
Shirt: J.Crew, $17
Belt: Urban Outfitters, $20
Cargos: TJ Maxx, $17
Boots: Aldo, $75
Purse: Juicy Couture/Neiman Marcus, $115
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $5
Faux fur collar (right): H&M, $15


  1. so so so gorgeous! and I always save the "best for last", always! I need break this terrible habit ;)

  2. very nice and i completely agree with what u say about saving the best...

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  3. I think this is your best advice yet...at least for me to follow. I have a closet full of dresses and skirts (some with tags still on them) because I always wait for the right occasion to wear them. This is partly why I banned myself from shopping this month.

  4. I LOVE this outfit!

  5. I love this outfit, it's a shame you didn't get to wear it!

  6. I soo do that too. :( It is a hard habit to break. :) Love the outfit.

  7. Ahhh I'm sorry!! Looks like it's a trip to cold NYC! :)

  8. Guess you just need to travel somewhere north so you can rock this! Love the look . . . and the lesson! ;)

  9. Gorgeous outfit, I'm totally loving those booties! Love your blog :)

  10. I need those boots, they're so gorgeous. Minus the fur collar, I would wear that in a heart beat.

  11. Loving the outfit on the right. The faux fur snood is adorable! Those shoes are gorgeous as well. :)

  12. Yes! No more shopping until you wear ALL of those new clothes lady. :-)

  13. I'm SO GUILTY of this one myself.. I save *everything* for special ocasions that never come lol. I've been trying to break this habit with my outfits lately and just wear whatever I want whenever I want... great post and great outfit J!

  14. I agree...NEVER save an amazing outfit...wear it when you discover it and feel great in it.
    And when you wear it the next time....just change a detail or two and you will feel like you are
    wearing something completely different!
    Love this look!