February 27, 2011

Special Occasion Dresses for Spring

One of the questions I get the most is - what should I wear to a wedding? This spring, I found a hidden gem to help you answer just that: David's Bridal prom dresses! Affordable, gorgeous and the best part - they are giving one away. (To enter the drawing, click here.) These are some of my favorite wedding-appropriate styles from their collection. You can check out the entire collection here and tell me - which one is your favorite?

1. Short Pleated Satin Strapless Dress Style F14212, $129.00
2. Long Chiffon Strapless Dress with Beaded Bodice Style 54602, $129.00
3. Strapless Lace Dress with Floral Embellishment Style F14166, $149.00
4. Strapless Tulle Dress with Caviar Beading Style INT3143, $139.00
5. Strapless Stretch Satin Leopard Print Dress Style 40225, $59.99
6. Short Stretch Taffeta with Rosettes Style MD1062, $59.99  
7. Flower One Shoulder Mesh Gown Style 8420Y033, $99.00
8. Pearl Jeweled Necklace Halter Mesh Gown Style 8420Y039, $99.00
And for more stores I recommend for special occasion dresses check out my shopping guide!


  1. Gabriela @ Une Vie SaineFebruary 27, 2011 at 7:38 AM

    I looooove the short pink taffeta dress. I have to say that this post makes me miss high school and the dress shopping!! I went to an all-girls school, which was awesome because we got to go to our own prom as well as the boys' schools'. I have six gorgeous full-length dresses that I probably won't have much occasion to wear again :(

  2. I love them all! The blue one on the bottom looks like the one Emily wore on The Bachelor last Monday. :)

  3. They're all gorgeous but I really love the short black tulle one!

  4. They are all wonderful, but I really like the yellow one. Knowing me, I'd get it in black though! I also love the blue one, but I would want it shorter for a wedding.

    Now I have a wedding related questions.. Can you wear the same type of dresses to a November wedding in Michigan? If so, what can I wear over them so I'm not cold??? Thanks for the help!!

  5. I love 1, 3, and 6. I'm so in a shopping mood today!

  6. Dress # 4 (strapless tulle with caviar beading) is stunning. I think it would look great on me! Hee hee!

  7. Great idea! I love the pink tafetta with rosettes!

  8. Omg what a coincidence! I was just looking for a dress for an event this summer and decided to chek out Davids Bridal. And ironically my two favorites were number 7 and 8!

  9. Add straps to #4 and it looks almost identical to a dress I wore to my senior sorority formal in spring '07. Love love that dress. Still have it but never had anywhere else to wear it. I got mine at Dillard's for $50.

  10. The pearl jeweled necklace halter mesh gown style 8420Y039 is no longer available on david'sbridal.com. Is there anywhere else that I can purchase this dress? I now have my heart set on it!

  11. jseverydayfashionMay 3, 2011 at 2:59 PM

    I would call your local David's Bridal with that style number and see if they have it, or can ship from another store!

  12.  Hi J!

    I discovered the site ASOS.com from your posts. I'm in Spain, so I decided to take advantage of being close to the UK for quicker shipping. I bought a dress to wear to a friend's wedding in June. I got it in the mail yesterday and now need some help. The dress is shorter than I'm used to wearing. To be more comfortable with the length, I'm thinking of wearing tights and heels. What do you think? It seems that tights are in. If you agree, what color tights would you recommend? Also, what color heels? And finally, what type of jacket/wrap/etc should I wear over it. It's Portland, OR and I get cold easily.

    Here is the dress, and I bought the one that's blue.

    Thanks for your help!

  13. jseverydayfashionMay 17, 2011 at 11:48 PM

    @c76b89296904e39e32f0685a93838940 Cute dress! I definitely think you could do tights, just check the weather before you go to make sure it won't be too hot (even in Oregon it can get warm in June). Black tights and black pumps with a black and/or silver beaded belt would look really cute. I also think you might be able to wear this dress casually with a cognac belt and flat sandals if you wanted to try that for another time!

  14. Thank for the help J! I like the suggestion of the more casual look, and the dress comes with a belt of the same color/fabric, but I like your idea to dress it up even more and accessorize the belt.