January 8, 2011

Fabulous Finds

The day-after-Christmas sales have come and gone, but now is still a great time to find deals at the mall. Case in point:

1. Zara shirt, $19.99. (orig. $39.99) This shirt looks almost identical to a $35 H&M shirt I returned a few months ago. Cheaper and a better fit = win.
2. Gap jeans, $15. (orig. $70) Who else is excited that flares are back in style?! Note: these go for $59.99 online. Remember what I always say about prices being better in the store? Yeah, that couldn't be more true here. I don't make these things up.
3. Forever 21 earrings, $6. Keeping with the theme of me not being able to turn down things that are sparkly, I had to take these faux diamond beauties home with me!


  1. Those GAP jeans are such a great find! Every where I look its 100+ for a good pair of flair jeans. Excited to go on a hunt at GAP for them ;)

  2. I scored big at the GAP last night! I told my sis about my great deals and was disappointed because today everything was only 30% off when last night all clearance was 50% off!!! I so need those earrings you purchased at Forever 21!


  3. Great Finds. Also wide leg is coming back.


  4. Gap is always cheaper at the store. Just bought that sequined winter tote bag the gap model wore for only $14.99 from $44! also i bought those earrings you got for $6. LOVE THEM!!!

  5. I have these Michael Kors wide leg jeans (very thin, dark denim) that I got at Ross 2 years ago and then the skinny legged jeans trend was in full force. I ALMOST cut them into shorts last summer but thank GOD I didn't.... I wore them the other day around Boston and felt super chic! I wore mine with a cream colored fitted silk shirt (boxy t-shirt shape)... but I had a hard time pairing the jeans. What do you recommend with wide leg jeans?

  6. So glad you didn't cut the jeans! I'm planning on doing fitted shirts on top. Collared shirt tucked in, v-neck sweater with a plaid shirt underneath, etc. Something fitted will balance out the large flare of the jeans!

  7. Giselle, I used to buy all-designer jeans but then I found the Gap about a year ago. The fit is perfect for my body, and I can't even tell the difference with the colored jeans (white, black, gray)!