November 1, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion: The Scarf Belt

Today's outfit started with a scarf. I recently picked up this lovely piece of silk for $3 at Banana Republic. I wanted to wear it with this blue Express shirt I've had for years, but the shirt already has a bow, so the scarf didn't look quite right tied at my neck. I played around with it before settling on wearing it like a belt. The photo on the left is another example of wearing a scarf this way. What's your opinion? Do you like wearing scarves as belts?

Occasion: Work
Scarf: Banana Republic, $3 (recent)
Blazer: Gap, $70
Shirt: Express
Skirt: Banana Republic, $40
Shoes: Banana Republic, $50
Photo left: from


  1. Gorgeous! LOVE love love everything about this outfit! Especially the shoes, I love how you chose gray; it's so different and refreshing. And the scarf as a belt is genius :)

  2. I love the scarf as belt. You can also use the scarf as a headband or on your pony tail too.

  3. scarves as belts are awesome- wear it all the time (well, not all the time, but have done it many times before)- i have a hard time doing silk scarves around my neck and not feeling like a flight attendant so the pretty silk scarves usually end up around my waist/hips. :)

  4. I used to wear Scarf as a belt all the time.

  5. Such a gorgeous outfit and I love the scarf as a belt!

  6. Have you ever considered wearing a belt for a scarf?! If you pull it tight enough, it looks great!

  7. Oooo! I have that blue top! Great idea for a scarf as a belt! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I'm wearing a scarf as a belt today! Not sure I like how if looks with the top I's iffy. But, I love the idea and I'll try again!

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