November 1, 2010

Celebrity vs. Everyday Fashion

I've always loved Reese Witherspoon's outfit (left, from Which is why I was so excited to see this skirt on sale (right) from J.Crew for $79.99! Bonus: J.Crew shows you how to style it for fall, and right now you can recieve an extra 25% off sale items with code FALLSALE.

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  1. i love those gray tights!

  2. i love the outfit..

  3. I adore Reese Witherspoon. I was so shocked when she and Ryan got divorced, but she seems like she really has her life together and her priorities in order. And she often wears outfits that I could see myself in, like the one that you posted. Very cute. And great idea to show the cold-weather version. I love being able to transition my closet from summer to winter without buying too many things.