October 11, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Velvet was all over the runways (and the J.Crew catalog), so I decided to bust out this jacket I've had for more than 5 years. The shirt/necklace combo is also old, but when you mix it with some jeggings and updated shoes - you have something that's new all over again!

So tell me: will you be wearing velvet this fall/winter? Or is it a trend you can do without?

Occasion: Work or fun
Velvet jacket: H&M
Shirt: Express
Necklace: Kansas boutique
Jeggings: Gap, $35
Boots (left): Aldo, $70
Shoes (right): Banana Republic, $50


  1. I love velvet! I have two jackets that have been in my closet for years, but I'll be pulling them out this fall!

    I work part-time at J. Crew, and we definitely have a bunch of pieces coming in :)

  2. So...may I borrow you up here in Virginia for a few days after Christmas?? haha. I plan to hit goal weight by then, and I could certainly use someone as OUTSTANDING as you! Geesh!

    I LOVE the jacket...not digging the booties with the jeggings as much as the heels,though...

    That blue looks great on you, J!

  3. i might have to pass on the velvet...but you pull off the look well!

  4. Hmmmm... I'm not sure I like all the blue together. Maybe the colors aren't showing up right on my computer.

    Still... you make everything look cute.

  5. Super pretty velvet. So glad I found your blog! Now a follower :)


  6. i've never liked velvet. it only flatters skinny people.

  7. looks great on you... but velvet will be a no go for me. i'm not a fan of the texture at all!! but more power to the ones who are!! {jacqueline}