September 19, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Dinner on the last night of our cruise
Shirt: Charlotte Russe, $20
Shorts: Abercrombie, $50
Necklace: Banana Republic, $18
Shoes: GUESS/Marshalls, $30
Clutch: Express, $10
Bracelets: Banana Republic, $10 and $20

We spent our last day (at sea) parked in this very same spot at the adults-only pool. During the day I wore:

Tunic: H&M, $10
Belt: Gap, $10
Swim suit (below): H&M, $10
Sunglasses (below): H&M, $6
Fedora (below): Banana Republic, $20
Flip flops: Rainbow, $40

And finally... the next day we traveled home and reunited with our little fuzzy guy, Tucker. :-)

Dress: Forever 21, $20
Sandals: Chinese Laundry/DSW, $27


  1. LOVE the shirt you wore to dinner the last night!

  2. J what beautiful vacation pic's .... love every out fit!!

  3. i have the same lace shirt (via F21) and I wear seriously almost everyday. lol

  4. That hat is adorable on you. I think being able to pull off a hat well within a look is tricky and you managed to do it well all throughout the cruise. Very cute!


  5. Super cute! The think the top is so versatile. Can't wait to see you wear it with the Sanctuary military skinnies. ;)

  6. do u buy all your clothes at the stores or online? I never see all these good things that you find. Then again maybe coz i'm a size 6 all the nice things are sold out? BTW do you get spray tan or is that natural?


  7. Thanks everyone!! :-)

    Petrice, I buy most of my clothes in the store. I do a lot of browsing online so I know what to look for, but prefer to actually see it in person. And my tan is natural. I'm Cherokee so my skin is really olive, plus this was the end of our trip so I had spent lots of time outside at this point! :-)

  8. The lace shirt and jean shorts outfit is killer! You look great!

  9. love the lace shirt! i came across your blog from weardrobe and love your outfits, you are too cute!

  10. Thanks Nic and Tres!! Glad you like. :-)