September 18, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Blogger dinner (last night)
Shirt: J.Crew, $20
Shorts: Forever 21, $20
Belt: Gap, $3
Necklace: Banana Republic, $13
Shoes: Mia/Macy's, $28
Clutch: Urban Outfitters, $30
Watch: Fossil

From left to right: Raya from Raya Runs, Gina from The Fitnessita, Katy from, Katy from The Balanced Foodie, and Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers. (Photo is courtesy of Julie, thanks Julie!)

I had a fantastic time getting to know some more bloggers in the Orlando area. They kind of lost me a couple times when they were talking about food blogging, but were totally game to answer all my questions and had tons of helpful suggestions for a new blogger like me! I have really been struggling lately with not letting negative comments get to me, and this dinner was helpful in remembering why I blog and to keep doing what I love no matter what some (haters) might say. Thanks ladies, you were a big help and inspiration!!


  1. I LOVE your shoes!! Can't believe I didn't notice them last night!

  2. Hey J! How do you organize your belts? I'm unpacking and I'm stumped at how to make sense of them. Thanks!

  3. I'm fairly new to READING your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You inspire me. Hopefully that'll help pull you through some of the haters. keep on keeping on

  4. greenbean, I drape my belts over two hangers that are hanging in my closet. (I use two to add more sturdiness, if I use just one hanger it often breaks.) I'm planning on doing a little tour of my closet soon and will include a pic! :-)

    erin, thank you. I'm so glad you like the blog and thanks for being a reader!

  5. I can't believe you get negative comments! I view your blog in Google Reader so I never see them. Please don't let them get you down. Not only are you gorgeous but you seem like a real sweetheart.

  6. Ignore the haters! People that leave nasty comments are likely just unhappy with their own life. You have been since an inspiration to me and have renewed my love for having fun and getting creative with fashion. BTW, I live in Orlando too!

  7. For a limited time, Zappos is hosting a sign-up for you to become a Zappos VIP for free! Via this link:

    I saw this on a blog I follow and thought that you ladies (and possible gents) may be interested!

  8. Hey pretty lady! I am so sorry to hear about all the negative comments. I just started reading your blog about a month ago, and I absolutely love it. You have amazing sense of style that is so accessible to all your readers. Keep up the amazing work! :D

  9. Hi J--just was on your blog instead of facebook and saw your comment about "the haters". Who are they? I'll beat 'em all up! You are beautiful, extremely fashionable and just seem like a very sweet person. Your fans love your blog and I think it's awesome that you are making the world a more "stylish' place! Kathryn

  10. Any haters you have are just jealous & petty. You have great style & you are adorable. Keep doing what you love. My friends & I enjoy your blog. We all love fashion, but to put yourself out there like that takes a lot of courage. There are some people who sit behind their computers spewing hate & for what? It is such nonsense. Keep up the good work.

  11. Dear J

    I am new to your blog and think you have a FANTASTIC look! I love that you have a budget (that you seem to stick to!) and also have such a great sense of what suits you.

    Mean, sad, yucky people post negative comments from the safety of their anonymity. So just keep in mind all the girls that love your blog and let the nice comments keep you positive!

    Thanks for putting yourself out there - I sure appreciate it!

  12. @ GREENBEAN from NERRAK19
    I am a belt person as well and what I do is buy those over the door hangers that have multiple hooks (at least 4-5) and hang my belts thru the belt loops (I also do these with my necklaces). Hope that helps!

    PS. here are some links from Target and Walmart

  13. Thanks everyone for your support! I honestly can't even tell you how much it means to me, it's the only thing that keeps me going! I've only been blogging since May so I'm still learning - but for some reason, when I get one negative comment among 100 positive comments, I tend to fixate on that negative comment. I'm working on it though and got some great advice last night and am feeling much better! :-)
    ps. I delete negative comments as soon as they are posted. Feel free to check out my "Comment Policy" for more info! :-)

  14. Great pictures

  15. So... when I went to PBfingers today, I thought I accidentally clicked on your blog first! haha (btw I found your blog thanks to Julie... in an old post she listed her favorite blogs)
    In an effort to keep the positives going for you, I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog!! I've been stepping up my fashion and making more creative choices with my outfits, thanks to you!!