September 2, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Work
Scarf: Gap, $10
T-shirt: Gap, $10
Navy skirt: Limited, $25
Shoes: Chinese Laundry/DSW, $40
Sweater: Gap, $50

Photo left: My inspiration (and the reason I bought this scarf) from Middle photo is how I would be wearing it if I still lived in Boston, photo right is how I'll wear it in sunny Florida. :-)


  1. Very cute outfit! The scarf makes such a big difference, it was a great buy!

  2. I like this look a lot and that scarf is awesome!

  3. Super cute! I need to buy that scarf!

  4. cute outfit...FYI Boston is 94 and completely sticky and yuck right now so the outfit on the right wins for up north too!

  5. After reading some of the FB comments, I totally disagree with the people about not liking the boho scarf/sweater with the dress skirt. Reality is, most people in the workplace are not dressing up nearly like they used to. It's nice to incorporate formal and a not-so-formal pieces. So, I'm in an academic setting and I'm always striving to achieve the very look you've modeled. One, I'm always cold (even in the summer) so score 1 for being able to take something off or put something on to temp-regulate. Two, I often need to look nice for a meeting with profs and look a little less pulled together when attending a class. These dual-situations occur every day. You wouldn't believe the respect you get when you dress toward the people you're meeting with -- whether that be students or academic faculty. And three, there's something about cold winter layering (middle picture) that instantly brings about thoughts of sophistication, class and maturity. Why is this? The sweater brings my eye to your extremely trim waist in the middle picture. I find myself analyzing why I like one look rather than the other. It's not necessarily about colors -- to me it's all about how flattering it makes you look (and with you, girl, that's not hard). Anyway, I'll bring this book to a close but felt I needed to refute a few of the FB comments.

    P.S. Methinks you should duplicate the Gap chic's pose (tee-hee!).

  6. Hi! Love the scarf....I work in Boston ( sometimes ) and I wore almost this same outfit last Thursday....I got tons of compliments too!!

  7. Cute! I think the scarf really made this outfit. The sweater makes it perfect for fall :)

  8. Thanks everyone!!

    Amber, I totally agree. This look would be great in an academic environment. I can see why some people thought that pairing open-toed shoes and a heavy sweater is different, but really I think it's a great way to deal with the freezing cold a/c like you said! And I thought about trying to do the Gap pose (it's super-cute) but ultimately decided it wasn't worth twisting my ankle, LOL. :-)

  9. the skirt is fantastic.
    i like so much your blog.
    ciao from Milan
    Nicola freshONpr