September 1, 2010

ASOS now offers free shipping!

Fabulous UK retailer,, is now offering free shipping to the US in both directions! (Methinks this is the first step in the company's move stateside this month) Check out my fall picks: blazer $126.38, wool cape $117.95, python bag $67.40 and black purse $101.10.


  1. Hey J! I just took advantage of this along with the 15% off promo they were running earlier this week and scored the digital gemstone dress for about $45 (originally almost $100): score!

  2. Hello

    I absolutely love this blog. Your outfits are great and looking at your site has inspired me to look more put together! it is so refreshing to see cute outfits that don't cost more than my rent. thanks so much!! -Sarah

  3. Thanks for the update..I did look at the website previously but was turned away by the word "CUSTOMS"....Which could be pretty hefty. Now that they offer free shipping I may just check them out again. Awesome Blog


  4. Cari, what a great deal! Feel free to post a picture on my Facebook page if you want!

    Sarah, So glad you like the blog! Thanks for following!

    Sherisa, I haven't ordered from ASOS yet myself for the same reasons. I'm very excited that they are offering free shipping now!