August 15, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Today's Everyday Fashion is brought to you by Banana Republic at the Florida Mall! For the next 2 days leading up to the event, I will be posting a new outfit from the fall line! For more info about the event on Aug 17th and to RSVP click here.

Leather jacket, $298 (style #769824)
Aqua top, $69.50 (style #769813)
Gray jeans, $89.50 (style #762367)
Chain belt, $39.50 (style #770582)
Necklace, $55 (style #783052)
Union shoes in slate, $120 (style #778844)

Disclaimer: I do not own these clothes. Prices listed above are full price. A discount will be available at the event!


  1. I absolutely love your blog, J! All of your outfits are SUPER cute! Sorry to hear that you are losing your job. It seems to me, however, that your love of fashion may open doors for you! I mean, advertising for Banana Republic? There's definitely something in store for you! Good luck with it all and keep me inspired with your blog!


    J :) (Jasmine)

  2. great choice of pieces... love the leather jacket

  3. The jacket looks so nice on you. I went to BR to check it out, and laughed at the model. I would not have thought about trying it out by looking at the model. But on you, that's totally hot.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Super cute!

  5. Thanks everyone!! :-)

    Jasmine, I am definitely trying to remain positive that something great will come my way! Thank you for the encouragement!

    Vicky, you are cracking me up, thank you!! :-)

  6. Great outfit! From the brown jacket to the aqua top and those state color shoes. I love it!