August 11, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Work
Shirt: Banana Republic, $8 (they had like 100 of them left in a store in Boston a couple years ago so they were all marked down to $8, I got two colors)
Necklaces: Banana Republic, $40 and $15
Pants: Gap, $35
Oxfords: Forever 21, $12

I'm rocking my new oxfords for the first time. I feel.... short!! And a little rock n' roll. :-)


  1. That's why I hate wearing flats. I'm 5'1" and I feel even shorter if I'm not wearing a heel.

  2. Can you upload a closer look of your necklace it will be wonderful :D tnx

  3. Andrea, I'm planning to do a segment on closet and jewelry organization in a couple weeks and will post pics of all my jewelry then. In the meantime, here are pics of the necklaces separately so you can see them better:

  4. Do you like those shoes? I was going to buys some last weekend, but like you I don't wear too many flats! are they comfortable?

  5. I like your oxfords. I bought a pair a couple months back and I hate the way they look on my feet. But you are rocking yours! Love it.