August 10, 2010

J's Top Picks for Fall

1.  Motorcycle boots – Fastest way to update your wardrobe? Update your shoes. This fall, motorcycle boots are at the top of my list!

Bakers $89.95, NYLA/ $106, Aldo $110

2.    Army green pants – You can’t blink twice without seeing a picture of a celeb in these pants. Super-comfy and tons of styles to choose from - no one should be without them this fall!

J.Crew $59.50, Blank/Need Supply Co $78, Urban Outfitters $58, Victoria’s Secret $59.50

3.    Mustard – I recently scored a mustard cardigan from H&M and my head is bursting with outfit ideas! Here are a couple other cardigan options for this must-have color, plus a J.Crew skirt that I’m seriously coveting.

LOFT $49.50, J.Crew $118, Urban Outfitters $38

4.    Black and gold accessories – This combo looks fresh anytime of year, but especially for fall!

Juicy Couture $378, Coach $298, Forever 21 $4.80, Forever 21 $7.80

5.    Oversized shirts – Silk is best, but there are also plenty of cotton options. I scored two from H&M for $13, and will be stalking the ones above when the go on sale.

Forever 21 $22.80, Urban Outfitters $54, Express $69.90

6.    Gray  – I’ll spare you the “gray is the new black” line. It's just a great color. I especially like gray jeggings right now! (I recently picked up a pair at the Gap)

Lands End Canvas $49.50, Banana Republic $59.50, Gap $98, Gap $59.50

7.    Faux Fur – Take it or leave it, but you will see faux fur everywhere this season. Done the right way (um, hello purse on the right I am so freaking in love with you), it can look pretty hot!

Victoria’s Secret $98, Nine West $69

8.    Green jacket – Also high on the list of fall priorities. These jackets are so versatile – you can wear them with jeans, lace, a pencil skirt, a jean shirt, a floral skirt, you name it. Just please don’t pair it with the green pants mentioned above!

Old Navy $39.50, J.Crew $98, American Eagle $69.50, Victoria’s Secret $69.50

9.    Oxfords – It’s a rarity when fashion meets function, but oxfords are one exception. This hot shoe is not only super-in-style right now, but it's also super-comfortable.

Need Supply Co $89, Aldo $80, Express $79.90

 10.    Purple – This perfectly girlie color will look great paired with the cool grays that are also big this season.

Banana Republic $69.50, ModCloth $99, Banana Republic $79.50

11.    Leopard – Arguably the biggest trend right now, leopard is all over the place. I’ve never been a big fan of the print but - whoopsie! - have already added 3 leopard pieces (belt, shoes and scarf) to my collection!

Nine West $34.99, Need Supply Co $58, Banana Republic $69.50, Ann Taylor $58

12.    Camel  (the color, not the animal) - A close cousin to the leopard family, camel clothes were all over the runway. There aren’t many retail choices yet, but look for them to infiltrate stores in the next few months!

LOFT $59.50, J. Crew $88, Victoria’s Secret $49.50

13.    Stripes – Stripes have been in style for a long time (maybe forever?) and I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon. Pick stripes that are sophisticated like these to add a scholarly feel.

Anthropologie $98, Forever 21 $15.80, Urban Outfitters $58

14.    Suede booties – This trend is still going strong, and for good reason. Versatile (they can be paired with jeans and skirts alike), chic and comfy, make sure you have at least one pair in your closet!

Aldo $90, Banana Republic $140, Guess $139, Gap $79.50, Steve Madden $89

15.    Motorcyle jacket - Pair one of these jackets with the aforementioned motorcycle boots and some skinny jeans and you will look like you could seriously kick someone’s ___. Or you’ll look like Kate Moss. One of the two.

Express $98, Victoria’s Secret $198

16. Honorable mention: Lace - Do it the wrong way and you’ll look like you stepped out of a Madonna video. Done with a light touch like the pieces above and you will be on your way to fall trendsetter status.

Limited $49.90, Target $16.99, Victoria’s Secret $39.50

Now it's your turn - what are YOUR top picks for fall?


  1. Very useful your recomendations... some of them i heard it in other blogs but you put it all together :D

  2. Hi J, love the booties and the leather motor cycle jackets :) Follow me on twitter @vannoybfashion

    Great post!!

  3. Andrea, trends are trends they are all pretty repetitive. This is meant to be my own personal wish list though! :-)

    Ronisha, thank you! Just added you on Twitter.

  4. i'm totally loving mustard! I have that ATL mustard top and I too am coveting that double serge skirt from Jcrew in bronzed ochre!! I'm also waiting for the anthro striped jacket and UO striped shirt to go on sale. great minds think alike! :)

  5. i just bought a form fitting gray pencil skirt from F21 for only $7.80. I'll post pictures on your facebook later to show you!

  6. I love your selections! I already picked up a pair of skinny olive cargos, and definitely on the look out for a nice oversize silk blouse. I also picked up a black and white gingham shirt, dark skinny ankle length pants, and wooden clogs.

  7. I love your picks J! You did a really good job. You are amazing!Now I know what to look for when I go shopping! Thank you!

  8. I just bought the lace trim cardi from the Limited (in gray) and I am in love with it!! I also love the motorcycle jackets that you posted. Great picks..I love them all!

  9. Hi, J! Greetings from Romania! :) Great selections! I already bought the Gap suede boots, love the bags too!

  10. here is an inexpensive option for your readers for the mustard yellow trend. a cute chord mini skirt from old navy. cute with boots or black or brown tights!

  11. Hi there,
    what size did you get in the h&m cardi? I don't know whether to size up or not. Thanks!

  12. Thanks everyone!!

    Marie, that's an awesome option for the mustard yellow trend, thanks for posting!

    Lovemymetallics, I believe I got a 4 in the cardigan. At Gap, I usually buy a 0 in tops but H&M runs small! :-)

  13. Awesome fall post! I have a 1950s version of that yellow skirt hanging up in my closet.


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  16. This is great. I would love to see J's top picks for Spring 2011.

  17. jseverydayfashionMarch 5, 2011 at 7:21 PM

    It's coming up next week! :-)

  18. I have the green army jacket and it goes with everything! I also have beautiful, flowy army green cargos from Ann Taylor (that I wouldn't dream if pairing with the jacket!)...but I would love to see some tips for wearing them. I'm thinking a gray tee and brown belt or a flowy white pocket blouse tucked in...oh and maybe with a fur vest for fall. I'll have to try that. Any ideas on adding color with army green pants? I'd love any tips you have for my army greens!

  19. Tasha, check out my Flashback Friday posts - I have one for green army pants with a bunch of ideas for them! :-)