March 3, 2013

My January & February Budget

Here's a recap of everything I bought in January and February! Items on my wish list that I crossed off include mint jeans, nude pointy toe pumps, a sheath work dress, cobalt blazer, and dark skinny jeans. I also picked up a bunch of t-shirts for casual days and a few fun, trendy items like the neon anorak. But my overall goal was to buy quality versus quantity, and pieces that I will wear to death. What items have you invested in this year? What items are on your spring wish list? 

1. Zara jacket, $90 (similar, similar, similar)
2. Zara jacket, $40 (similar, similar, similar)
3. F21 mint jeans, $25
4. F21 mint tank, $7 (similar)
5. J.Crew shirt, $35 (similarsimilar)
6. Piperlime pumps, $32
7. DSW Audrey Brooke, $20 (similar)
8. Gap t-shirts, $9

= $258

1. This jacket was a huge chunk of my budget, but well worth the investment. I've already worn it ten times and plan to love it for years to come. It was on sale, original price $130.
2. Another sale purchase (I don't recall the original price) and another classic ladylike jacket that I'll love forever. I have nothing similar in my closet.
3. After a year-long hunt, I finally crossed off mint jeans on my wish list! I also acquired these Gap mint jeans c/o.
4. An undershirt / summer tank in the perfect shade of mint.
5. I added yet another silk campshirt to my collection with this top from J.Crew. I couldn't pass up the in-store sale price; the Blythe blouse is usually $110 full price.
6. My hunt for nude, pointy toe pumps ended when I found this brand-name pair for a steal online.
7. Buying out-of-season sometimes pays off, like these sandals on sale at DSW (original price I believe is $90). I will be wearing them a ton this summer.
8. I used $20 in Gap rewards to get these three t-shirts for $9 total. I love the neon colors (periwinkle, orange and pink) and they are perfect for casual days.

1. Banana dress, $50 Christmas gift card
2. H&M jeans, $32 (similar, similar, similar)
3. Limited anorak, $37
4. F21 cobalt blazer, $30
5. F21 Journey shirt, $18
6. Limited cardigan, $30
7. Express cardigan, $27
8. Express aztec t-shirt, $25
9. Limited belt, $20
10. Ann Taylor lace shirt, $30
11. Old Navy mint tee, $10 (similar)

= $259

1. I've been on the hunt for classic work sheaths in fun colors and this one was $70 in the store (only petite sizes), plus an extra 25% off sale promo. I used a $50 gift card from Christmas so only wound up paying a few dollars for it.
2. My hunt for the perfect pair of dark, slightly distressed denim ended - of all places - at H&M! I never buy jeans there, who knew? I used a 20% off coupon on the original $40 price tag.
3. I fell in love with this fun anorak online and had to have it. In-store price was $49, and I used a coupon for an additional $15 off.
4. I featured this blazer in this blog post and wound up ordering it. Looks great in person, I can't wait to wear it.
5. I featured this baseball tee in this blog post and wound up ordering it!
6. I unwrapped a piece of chocolate when I entered the store that was good for 40% off everything full-price, which I used on this Tory-Burch-esque cardigan.
7. I've worn my similar sweater coat to death, and thought a thinner version would be a perfect staple for Florida weather. It was on promo for $39 in the store, plus I used a coupon for another $15 off.
8. This shirt is way cuter and more neon in person. I used a coupon to get $15 off.
9. This belt was an instant "yes" for me - I want to spend the day on a yacht and wear a navy blazer with gold buttons. It also kind of reminds me of an underwear band, but I'm comfortable with that. I used a 40% off coupon. 
10. I was shopping with a friend and tried on this sale shirt and fell in love. I want to style it in a boho outfit, stay tuned.
11. Another great casual t-shirt, found on clearance.

My monthly budget is $250 (I had a little left over from December). For more info, please see "How to Set a Clothing Budget."


  1. I'm a huge Zara fan as well! I'm searching for a great pair of black pumps- I know it probably seems easy but I havent been able to find a pair I love!

  2. I really want to get some cute muscle tees, similar to the one you wore yesterday with the animal on the front. I think they're great for spring and summer!

  3. I really love the navy blue jacket and the Ann Taylor lace shirt. Wish they still had that online! I invested in some off-white flats which I have been getting a lot of use from lately, and makes me wonder what shoes I was wearing with all of my outfits before I bought them. On my wish list for spring is a pair of white jeans and also a fun dress, for my graduation in May, that I will still get use of after I graduate.

  4. Cute yellow jacket! I bought the same SO SOFT striped Old Navy long sleeved t-shirt, and loved it... until I foolishly didn't read the care instructions, dried it in the dryer, and it shrunk so much that I had to rehome it. Be careful laundering! :)

  5. You are so good at finding deals! Thanks for sharing!

    ladies in navy

  6. That neon anorak is SO gorgeous.... really I think it's perfect in every way shape and form!! :)


  7. FYI: another great dupe for the ivory Zara jacket (#2 on your list) is this ELLE one from Kohl's:

     (hope it is okay to post a link)  I JUST purchased this blazer today since it will be so versatile for work this spring, and only $14.40 before any discount codes!

  8. Just curious as to how you factor in if you went over your budget in previous months? Like in December you said you would roll over $50 for the next few months?

  9. Thank you for posting that link! I just ordered the jacket. Haha

  10. Here's a link to December's budget post: I returned the bow sweater and hat, giving me $16 extra for Jan/Feb. I write down everything I buy and return on a running list to keep me honest! :-)

  11. My fashion mission for spring is to find a pair of colored jeans in a fit AND color that I like!

  12. I am a new follower and although I am a size 10 and twenty years older than you, I have gotten some great outfit ideas as a reader.  It is hard as I get older to keep current and yet age appropriate, but using your ideas with a few modifications I feel much more updated.
    Next up for me, mint green boyfriend jeans.

  13. That anorak looks like it would be a lot of fun! Love the Zara blazer.
    FashionEdible Blog

  14. Great picks! I need some new spring pieces and this is great motivation.

  15. I got a pair of wedge snickers! I was wondering if that is a trend to invest on!

  16. Oh wow - you really went out and shopped.  I'm jealous.  I came across your blog a year ago and have only just remembered to come back - but ever since I read your shopping budget post I've always gone shopping with my list and made sure I buy must have pieces - rather than looking into my wardrobe full of clothes and STILL having nothing to wear!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  17. my clothing budget is only $44/month...but i still like reading your blog!