February 20, 2013

Today's Everyday Fashion: Winter Pink

Inspiration: The Limited

You can wear ivory jeans and hot pink in the winter?! That's what I remember thinking when I first found the inspiration photo a couple years ago. I adore her snow bunny look, and only wish I had the furry gray boots and hot pink wool coat to re-create it. Instead, I did a toned-down warmer-weather version with the same basic color palette. Hot pink is definitely an option in the winter, and these are a couple ways you can try it! How would you wear this look?

Blazer: H&M, $37
Turtleneck: Gap, old
Belt: Gap, $3
Jeans: Limited, $37
Shoes: Banana Republic, $50 (similar, similar)
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Earrings: My Stella & Dot, $34
Rings: My Stella & Dot 1, 2
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot 1, 2, 3, 4

Target  /  Jessica Simpson  /  DKNY
Nasty Gal  /  Olivia Moon  /  Brigitte Bailey
Banana Republic  /  LOFT  /  J.Crew Factory


  1. I love this! I purchased a hot pink blazer after Christmas and I love it!

  2. love the Target, Nasty Gal, and Banana Republic options!


  3. This look is adorable!  I have to say, I always smile a bit when I hear you talk about winter.  Man, if I lived where you do, I would be in tropical attire year-round.  Of course, when my people come to your land (lol), we are often mocked for wearing shorts and t-shirts when the natives are bundled up.  ;)  Mockery aside, I like this a lot.  :)

  4. I love seeing you in pink! It just adds something to your overall style statement:) Never would have thought to combine pink and grey.. good job!

  5. Awesome outfit, love the color combo! ♥

  6. Pink is my favorite color and I LOVE this combo!    I am seeing alot of pink this week on all the blogs.

  7. Cute!  I have this blazer and love it.  Love what you've paired it with.


  8. you look updated-elegant in this. love the turtleneck with the pink blazer. spot on
    kw ladies in navy

  9. loving your winter pink! you just gave me an idea how to style my pink blazer for this weekend -- thanks! xo


  10. I love this outfit! I have pieces in my closet that look identical to yours. I guess I know what I'll be wearing today :)

  11. I would totally wear this look and i have early this week. I wore my pink trench coat. It's perfect for winter. Great way to infused color into your outfit. I would love it if you would like my blog on facebook http://www.facebook.com/VodkaInfusedLemonade. Thanks 



  12. I'd probably wear this outfit with a different grey top under, probably something not with a turtle neck possibly a drape neck instead.


  13. You have just inspired me! Love this combo!

  14. I am in desperate need of a pink blazer! I love this!

  15. Love it, pink is one of my favorite colors!

  16. Thanks Leslie! I lived in Boston for 4 years, so I'm no stranger to "real" winter! I love her look for a snowstorm. :-)

  17. I would add the leopard scarf from Target... it has similar shades as your top... this is a very doable outfit for me, but I can't bring myself to wear my pink blazer yet.. it is just too winter still here in Iowa.. but maybe I should just do it... I would wear black riding boots with my skinnies. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  18. Love this! Soo many pretty pink coats and blazers! :) I need those ivory jeans!!!

    XO Samanthahttp://designerinteal.blogspot.com

  19. Hot pink and ivory actually work well together! I also love hot pink with navy.  

    FashionEdible Blog

  20. Love the outfit.  As someone who cannot wear heels to work, but needs to be dressed up, I'd love to see you swap some heels for flats, so I can use your photos for inspiration.

  21. Awesome ideas!  I actually HAVE those boots on the model-they are Sam Edelman in Smokestack color (and I also bought them in black), and have a nearly identical hot pink wool coat from F21...but never thought to tie everything together with the ivory jeans! I justmight sub in some caramel colored denim 7 skinnies with this look instead of the white and see how that combo turns out!  Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. I'm so glad you posted this today! I bought a pink blazer on a whim last year (it was on sale, curse of sales) and have only worn it once. I decided to wear today (and hopefully more in the future) thanks to your post! Thanks again :)

  23. Pink - so unexpected for Winter!  I love the look, the warm neutrals really balance the bright color to make it appropriate for the season. Thanks!

  24. Loving the pink with the grey turtleneck! And thanks for posting all of these pink blazer options. I have a pink blazer but I don't love the fit/material so I've been looking for a replacement. I think one of these will be in my closet soon!


  25. I have always liked hot pink in the winter time, but I have never thought of pairing it with winter white.  Cute look.  It definitely says Florida winter to me too!

    Here in the Midwest, I've been wearing tons of bright colors this week, hoping the weather will cooperate.  Unfortunately, we're expecting ice tomorrow, but a girl can pretend!!


  26. This is simply *SO* creative, J., i.e., how to "winterize" a lighter-weight blazer and ivory jeans............ with a taupe-brown turtleneck............ and taupe-brown suede pumps!!

    I love hot pink in the Wintertime............ ('looks just super against the big, *sparkly*-white snowbanks here, haha!!)............ and I also really like how you wore your pretty  "r.a.s.p.b.e.r.r.y."  Serenity Small Stone Drop Earrings WITH your  h.o.t.  p.i.n.k.  blazer, too!!    Although they're small, the little purplish-raspberry "spots"............ (i.e., of COLOR in your drop earrings, next to your blazer)............ seem to gently *soften the impact* - just a little bit - of hot pink against a background of neutral colors, you know.    (I have a fuchsia, partial-button-front, knit turtleneck which I sometimes wear with my pretty *mint*-green enameled drop earrings----the mint-green really *softens* the fuchsia;  yet the fuchsia still makes the mint-green *pop*!!)

  27. Love it!! I have a pink blazer from H&M that I thought I would get use out of on Valentine's Day and that's about it, but I actually wear it a ton! It's the perfect piece to brighten up a dreary winter office.
    xx, Emily

  28. I love the colors of this outfit! It will definitely be inspiration to my own wardrobe choices soon! :)


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  30. Just got a hot pink wool coat on clearance from the limited for 20 dollars! Thanks for the great looks!