February 17, 2013

Today's Everyday Fashion: Trendy Items

Inspiration: J.Crew

After my tie dye post earlier this week, I couldn't wait to get started on brainstorming additional ways to wear these jeans. My last two outfits were casual and for a night out, so this time I went for something I could wear during the day. When styling a trendy item like this I like to ask myself - does the item actually make the outfit better? I try not to wear trendy items just for the sake of wearing them. So in this case, while regular blue jeans would look great in this outfit, the tie dye adds a certain flare that I am personally digging more than just plain jeans. Also - check out some new arrivals that I'm loving below! Have you ever used this trick for styling trendy items? What new arrivals are you loving?

Trench coat: New York & Company, $50 (similar, similar, similar, similar)
Shirt: Express c/o, $25 (similar)
Jeans: Collide Boutique c/o, $42 (similar)
Shoes: Piperlime, $32
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $118
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Rings: My Stella & Dot website 1, 2
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website 1, 2, 3, 4

American Eagle / Old Navy / Gap / Loft
Gap / Limited / Banana / Banana
Limited / American Eagle / Banana / American Eagle


  1. Great outfit, love the color of the blouse!

  2. As far as trendy items go, I only buy them if I know I will love them and have a chance to wear them frequently. For example - I bought a pair of oxblood jeans that I love and have worn with so many different outfits (kind of like how you subbed your tie-dyes for your regular jeans) but have decided to pass on the peplum trend because there just aren't that many ways to wear it and because I'm not sure how I like it on my own body type. 

    Oh and I love the American Eagle shirt dress...
    -FashionEdible Blog

  3. I'm seriously loving this outfit! The mint top is too cute, and i love how you styled it with those tie dye jeans =) It's such a nice touch! I agree with you, the tie dye makes the look so much more special than just regular blue jeans =D

  4. Love your new arrival choices - a good mix of classic, trendy and colourful pieces.  I have never used your trick when styling trendy items but I do tend to pair trendy pieces with classic ones, so that the overall does not look like I am trying too hard. Some of the new items I am loving are printed pencil skirts and emerald pieces.


  5. I have to say that I did not like these jeans in previous posts. They are on the line of being tacky to me. So when I saw your post this morning I was pleasantly surprised. I really like how they are styled here. I think its because they play with sophistication here instead of going with the rocker/casual vibe that they naturally give. I love this look. :)

  6. Love these tie dye pants that you've been wearing lately!


  7. I learned the hard way about wearing something trendy for the sake of wearing it (remember the 2002/2003 peasant blouse and flare jeans trend? That was my wardrobe for that year and only that year). Nowadays, it takes me forever to embrace a trend and when I do, it's in moderation. I try to pair trend with something classic so that I can always wear it and not just for that one season.

  8. I really like that dress from American Eagle! I am actually surprised it is from there, it doesn't really seem like their kind of style but I'm diggin it :)


  9. I usually wear a 26 at stores like Gap, but a 3 in juniors is my go-to, including these jeans!

  10. In the Inspiration Outfit, the beautiful model's feet would, in my opinion, look more graceful............ (i.e., like yours certainly look *graceful*, J.!!)............ if the hems of HER printed pants simply stopped right at the bottom of her (o.u.t.e.r.) ankle bones............ as the hems of YOUR tie-dye jeans stop right at the bottom of your (o.u.t.e.r.) ankle bones!!    (This maybe's best seen, Above, in your outfit with the trench coat----on your *left* outer ankle).   

    I know that (one of) the purposes of a slim, cropped silhouette is to avoid print "overload"............ but the silhouette "line" of the INSPIRATION Outfit seems a little bit chopped-off-at-the-bottom, causing the model's feet to almost look "pegged onto" her lovely, slender legs............ whereas the entire silhouette "line" of YOUR outfit is simply sleeker, smoother,  and more streamlined............ (i.e., with your attention to that *one* Important Little Detail of jeans  l.e.n.g.t.h.)!!    The *more* ways in which you STYLE your tie-dye jeans, J. ............ the *more* I also (no kidding!!) LIKE them, too!!

  11. I bought that skirt from The Limited today! It is gorgeous,and when I got home and was looking at tops in my closet to pair it with, realized it is practically a neutral - it goes with everything. They had it on a mannequin at TL with a white polka-dotted (dark dots) top - not sure if I am quite that brave, but I might try it out!

  12. Perfect way to style up....jcrew, piperlime, my stella .....wat more to ask ? 

  13. we're jewelry makers & new fans of your blog! loving the chunky necklace - but also recently into layering dainty chains. {have some examples in our online shop}
    we'll definitely be back!xo,anna & laurenannacroswell.com 

  14. Oh my! Such a wonderful outfit. Love the color.=D
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