February 7, 2013

Today's Everyday Fashion: Plaid Layers

Inspiration: People

Celebrity airport outfits are my favorite. They tend to be comfy, cozy and easy to re-create! This is my fourth outfit with this plaid shirt, but I was digging the inspiration to wear it unbuttoned for the first time. Would you layer a plaid shirt this way?

Coat: Via c/o MJR Sales, $55 (similar, similar)
Plaid shirt: Old Navy, $17
T-shirt: Gap, old (similar)
Jeans: Gap, old (similar)
Boots: HCB Boutique c/o (similar, similar)
Purse: Karen Millen, gift (similar)


  1. I love this look and def going to try it with my plaid shirt! xo


  2. I like the idea of keeping the shirt unbuttoned for more of a casual feel.  It's so hard for me to wear my shirts unbuttoned though!  Love your GAP jeans too. They always have great jeans.  Heather

  3. you look adorable. i love this look!


  4. I agree-airport outfits are the best! I think I like yours even better though! I have a shirt and jacket just like these so I'll have to give it a go, considering I feel like I never take my coat off in the winter time. Also, really love those little booties!


  5. I love celebrity airport outfits too! InStyle used to be a great source.

    And I love this outfit. I'd like to find a plaid shirt for myself now.

  6. You look cute I don't know if i would keep mine all the way open I would have to try it first. But this is how I wore my plaid shirt the last time for a casual look. http://pinksole.com/2013/01/downtown-plaid-lace/


  7. love all your plaid shirt outfit options! super cute :)

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  8. This outfit makes me want to listen to Nirvana! I love it! Unbuttoned plaid always brings out my inner 'grunge' 90's child heart!


  9. This is so cute and that jacket is wonderful!
    JennWith Luck

  10. adore that inspiration image and love how you can make plaid look so good!
    kw ladies in navy

  11. I love plaid shirts. It's super comfortable and so versatile. I like the different ways you've worn it. 



  12. The unbuttoned look is actually my favorite one! I'm might just be recreating this look for my trip soon! :)

  13. I need a shirt like this. Love the stuff you put together!


  14. I would try and pair this look with cobalt skinnies. It almost looks like Emma is wearing them in the pic!

  15. I prefer the unbuttoned look. I love to layer tops, so this is the option for me. Also, I haven't found a plaid that I like enough to actually buy. I think I spend too much time dwelling on all of the individual colors in them. I see alot of plaids that I like on others (like yours J), but haven't found the perfect one for me yet. The search continues.

  16. The perfect winter outfit for us northerners! Love how it's comfy enough for the airport, but still fashionable. 

  17. I recently came across your blog, and I love it.  I love clothes, but sometimes feel that I am fashionably challenged...I feel that your ideas are easy to recreate with stuff I already have.  :)  Love today's look!

  18. Actually unbuttoned is how I wore plaid shirts all of my life - until few years ago, b/c by then I had couple of flannel plaid shirts (one pattern and colors really similar to the one you are wearing in today's outfit, the other almost the same as you blue/navy combo plaid shirt...) that were on the thick side, also on the big side, so it came naturally to wear them over different t-shirts, unbuttoned, I loved wearing them that way... As for the recent years and now - I bought several more feminine - more flattering plaid button ups (they even have ruffles alongside button line) that simply wouldn't work unbuttoned or over something... Love your outfit, it screams comfy :)

  19. Thanks Catherine and welcome to the blog! :-)

  20. I think layering plaid is so easy because it can be worn so many ways and comes in so many different colors! I sometimes like to throw low v-neck sweater over when it's super cold out, and other times I leave it unbuttoned with a cool shirt under. I love looking at Emma Stone for inspiration because she has a bit of a tom boy style with an unexpected touch of girlyness occasionally.


  21. I can totally recreate this look! Thanks for the inspiration!


  22. I love how versatile plaid shirts are! Every outfit you create with them is just perfect. I take so much inspiration from the outfits from your posts!! I personally like unbuttoned plaid shirts on other people, but they look awkward on me.


  23. I love this look on you.  It so chic and comfortable...


  24. I love your blog.
    I'm glad I stumbled upon it.

    I'm also a blogger in Orlando, FL.

    just starting out :)

  25. I love plaid!  You look so cute! 

    Xo,Rachel Ashleyhttp://fashionablyliving.com

  26. This combination is definitely my favorite out of the four ways you've worn it. Looks so comfortable but still chic!  Love your boots!


  27. With your wool (military-style) coat;  your plaid flannel shirt;  your "long-john gray," (i.e., heather gray), T-shirt;  your dark indigo-wash jeans;  and your camel-brown leather boots............ well, this outfit almost seems like it's *Lumberjack Style*, (no kidding!!)............ except that it's a very *Femme Lumberjack Style*............ (i.e., a very feminine lumberjack style)!!

    'Another really creative----and *beautifully-u.p.d.a.t.e.d.*----Traditional Style, J.!!    Thank you so much!!

  28. I usually love the look of the unexpected but not sure I like the tuxedo inspired skirt with the plaid. Something seems off to me. But I am probably one of the few 50 year olds that follows you. Maybe it's a generational thing. :)