January 20, 2013

Today's Everyday Fashion: Winter White

Inspiration: J.Crew
See how else I wore this shirt here and here.

We had a cold snap in Florida this week and I was jonesin' to get my favorite wool coat out of the back of the closet. I loved the idea of doing a monochromatic winter white ensemble thanks to my inspiration, and jazzed it up by adding a blush polka dot top and statement necklace in place of the bow tie. What is your favorite color for a winter coat? Would you wear this much winter white?

Wool coat: Banana Republic, $130
Shirt: Forever 21, $18 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Jeans: Limited, $37
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $138
Shoes: c/o Chinese Laundry (same)
Purse: Michael Kors, Santa
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Rings: My Stella & Dot website 1, 2
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Victoria's Secret / Jessica Simpson / Forever 21
Forever 21 / Ann Taylor
Anne Klein / Calvin Klein /  Vince Camuto


  1. I love this combo.  I live in Orlando too and it was so great to have that cool snap!  I think winter white is so chic!  I would really like to own everything you are wearing!

  2. I LOVE the idea of winter whites, but I haven't gotten the courage to wear the whole outfit yet. I have all the pieces, just need to do it! I love your wool coat and this whole look.


  3. Awesome outfit, love it! ♥

  4. I've been saying that I need to do this look, but never did. And now the cold front is almost gone in South Florida. You look amazing.


  5. Wonderful look.  So chic and classy!  I like your polka dot blouse better than the inspiration's more plain blouse, too.

  6. I already have! A few stares came my way but I promptly ignored them :) I think the all white look looks crisp, clean, and classy!


  7. Love the all white idea, very cute!! My favorite cost color is probably dark grey because it can be both dressy and casual it makes it a lot easier for traveling or on the go!


  8. I absolutely LOVE all white outfits during the winter... something about them just scream class and elegance. I personally don't have a white coat because I wouldn't want to keep up with how dirty it would but I think it looks lovely on you (and others)! :)


  9. Yes, such a fan of the winter white!
    Side note: I passed up those exact same shoes you have on at DSW (despite having a $10 off coupon and them being on sale) because I wasn't sure I'd have enough to wear them with that I couldn't just wear with my other black heels.
    But now I've seen all the cute ways you've worn them and I keep smacking my head in regret. (not literally)

  10. Hi J! Love this look, the white is so crisp and you look beautiful. Random, but I saw you deactivated your Threadflip account, did you have an issue with it? Just wondering because I am considering setting one up, thanks!

  11. i adore winter white and love your coat!

  12. Your take on the outfit is much better than the inspiration photo! :)

  13.  I'd love to wear this outfit to a (Healthcare) Conference............ and not just because it's white either, (haha)!!    It's a clean/classy/sophisticated look;  yet it also would be comfortable to SIT in all day long, too!!    For a daytime ----> into evening Conference, I'd probably wear a white or nude-tone camisole~~with a hidden shelf bra~~underneath the sheer, blush-pink/black polka-dot button-up, (i.e., just because of the Conference's work-related nature, you know). 

    The *tulip*-hemmed long sleeves, (with decorative button tabs), on your winter white coat are simply  g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.;  and NONE of the other #8, Under-$200 Winter Coats----(that you show, Above, J.)----have that particular type of sleeve!!    This is maybe a better photograph of the sleeves, in your blogpost of October 12, 2010!!: 



  14. great outfit recreation! Love winter white. I pretty much continue to wear my white pieces all winter (in NYC). I think white jeans / bottoms are the hardest to incorporate into winter looks, but luckily white jeans look great with all the faire Isle sweater trends we have been having. 

  15. Thanks Taylor! I love Threadflip! I just took down my account because it was easier than deleting all of the photos individually, and the items aren't up for sale anymore. I'm planning to do another closet sale soon, this time on Facebook - because when I do it that way I can group shipping costs together (versus Threadflip that charges per item). It's a great website though!

  16. Very classy!  I don't own much white (mainly because I'm certain I'd never keep it clean), but love this look. 

  17. I have a winter white coat but I can't keep it clean to save my life. Smh.

  18. I love the idea of a monochromatic winter white outfit, but I'd never buy a white coat -- I don't think I could keep it clean!

  19. Pristine! Forever 21 coat is so adorable

    xo cassy

  20. This is a great look especially with the S&D fringe necklace.
    Method Clothe

  21. Love your outfit! So chic. And  those Chinese Laundry pumps!! I must have them in my life. They're such a great brand

  22. Love the white coat with the white pants! Looks chic! :)

    XO Nat
    Nat in Love