January 13, 2013

Today's Everyday Fashion: The Plaid Blazer

Inspiration: WhoWhatWear

I have never been one to follow the rule "if you haven't worn it in a year, then toss it." I bought this blazer in 2006, and although I haven't worn it in years, I'm very thankful I held onto it! It went out of style for awhile but since it still fit and I still loved it, I kept it at the back of my closet until it felt right to rock a plaid jacket again (this is four days in a row that my posts have included plaid!). See how I wore the jacket last year here, and tell me - would you wear a plaid blazer?

Blazer: Express, old
Shirt: Ralph Lauren outlet, $20 (similarsimilarsimilarsimilarsimilar)
Jeans: Limited, $37 
Belt: H&M, $20
Pumps: c/o Nine West, $62 (similar, similar)
Purse: Karen Millen, gift (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Rings: My Stella & Dot website 12
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website 123


  1. I purchased the Gap plaid blazer so yes I would wear it, this is how I wore it the first time http://pinksole.com/2012/12/schoolgirl-in-plaid-oxfords/ and I'm planning on wearing next week.


  2. I wear plaid on everything, and one of my favorite blazers is plaid too. It's such a cute print, so why not?


  3. That rule is so tricky though, especially for those of us who don't have a lot of storage space. I agree with you though, that there are some pieces we just love that deserve the premium storage space. :) this blazer definitely proves the rule wrong. It's cute and very current!

  4. You look great...very preppy chic.  I would wear plaid.  It is such a timeless pattern.


  5. This is really cute. Makes me wish I owned some plaid. And the ivory jeans make the whole thing look so fresh! This might look dated with a darker color. Love it. Two thumbs up!

  6. Love this look on you.  For some reason I love plaid but rarely own it.  After the last few days, I'm inspired to look for some.  So glad you held on to this jacket.  It rocks!

  7. I'm with you J, even if I haven't worn something in a year it doesn't mean that I don't still love it!! This blazer looks great on you and I love plaid no matter what it's printed on :)


  8. I can see that you've been loving plaid lately! I personally wouldn't wear a plaid blazer because I think it isn't feminine enough, even with a slim fit. Typically they come in dull colors as well so if I wanted to make it more feminine it would be hard to match a dress with both the colors and print.


  9. I love the outfit minus the blazer (it's a bit too masculine for me)! Love the plaid kick you have been on lately though!
    Kw ladiesinnavy

  10. The plaid blazer is such a key fashion item because of its unexpected versatility.  It can go from  super preppy to punk relatively quickly.  I love that!  Great transition from runway to every day in the first photo - awesome!


  11. The Scot/Irish in me just loves plaid! I think it is a really versatile pattern. 

  12. To me, lighter and/or brighter plaid "anything" worn with a lighter- and/or brighter-colored palette is just so............ *cheery*;  (and also SO very welcome during these Winter days, too, J.)!!    For warmer-weather Florida, your outfit is simply perfect:  for colder-weather Pennsylvania, I might wear straight-leg (for my body shape) ivory cords with my navy knee-boots;  navy belt;  and navy leather purse;  plus, (hidden underneath the light blue oxford shirt!!), my lace-edged camisole for added *warmth*, topped with your Plaid Blazer;  and my 3/4-length sueded-finish/hooded coat!!

    Your *Forever In Style* (no kidding!!) Express Plaid Blazer just seems as if it might have............ Rip-Van-Winkle-emerged from *sleeping* wayyyy in the back of your closet, (haha!!)............ just in time to............ r.e.n.d.e.z.v.o.u.s.  with............ (the still-on-trend) "Miss Mint"............ and the new "Miss Emerald"!!    Somehow, J., mint or emerald jeans;  very soft (not tight!!) mint or emerald fabric folds, drapes, ruffles, and/or tiers in a top/skirt/dress;  OR color-blocked smooth velvet or sueded shoes, of some sort, all seem like they'd maybe (??) pair well with your Express Plaid Blazer;  (and I'd also  l.o.v.e.  to have a Classic Express Plaid Blazer just like yours for myself, too)!!

  13. This is a great blazer!  It's got that preppy/equestrian vibe to it and very classic.  I really like how you paired it with the lighter colors.  I don't follow the rule about getting rid of something if you haven't worn it in a year.  Certain pieces like this plaid blazer are closet staples and always seem to come back into the trends.  Heather

  14. Love it! And I agree. The fact that it hasn't been worn in the past year has no influence on how often it will be worn in the upcoming year.

  15. I like the idea of a plaid blazer, but I prefer the fabric of the one in the inspiration pic. Love the jeans and shirt though!

    XO Nat
    Nat in Love

  16. The blazer looks a bit too shrunken but otherwise this is a great look.  I'll admit I like this plaid better than the other plaids, and I love how the colors and brown accessories all complement each other.

  17. LOVE this look! I'm inspired by a lot of styles, but probably preppy more than anything else. Adore the classic look on you!
    xx, Emily

  18. I love this look so much. I love blazers but have such a hard time finding nice, quality blazers at reasonable prices. I always find really expensive pieces which are perfect but can never find comparable versions within my budget. ((sigh...the search continues))
    Speaking of blazers, I am hunting for a nice blazer with a striped lining down to the sleeves (so the stripes can be seen if I roll up the sleeves). Anyone have any ideas?