December 23, 2012

Today's Everyday Fashion: Gold Buttons

Inspiration: Chloe Conspiracy

I bought this camel blazer for a steal two summers ago and have been meaning to switch the buttons to gold ones ever since. I switched the buttons on a Forever 21 coat once and loved the result. Gold military style buttons would be the finishing touch on this outfit - a Christmas-y ensemble perfect for a business meeting or even to wear to church. Would you switch this jacket to gold buttons? Have you ever switched out buttons before?

Blazer: Express, $25
Brooch: Banana Republic, old (similar, similar)
Sweater: H&M, $18 (similar)
Pants: Gap, $20 (similarsimilarsimilarsimilar)
Belt: H&M, $20
Purse: Emma Fox c/o Ross, $60 (same)
Shoes: c/o Nine West, $62 (similar, similar)
Rings: My Stella & Dot website $69 and $39 and $49
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website $59 and $59 and $79 and $32 and $39

Nordstrom / Limited / Eddie Bauer / Hoss Intropia / Banana Republic


  1. Oh I love this combo!!! I recently bought red skinnies and I have a brown jumper in the same shade as yours!!! 
    And yup! Changing buttons does make massive difference! I keep mother of pearl buttons nearby! If I buy a white cotton shirt without good quality buttons, changing them brings the shirt to life!!!

  2. Love the idea of switching the buttons - I think it would make the jacket look much richer!  Super outfit as usual, you are too adorable!

  3. Love this look.  Some clothing items really benefit from switching out buttons.  It totally makes them look more expensive or sophisticated.  I think that your blazer would look amazing if you swtiched out the current buttons out for gold ones.  I would definitely do this to clothing pieces that need it. (giveaway on current post)

  4. I think it looks good with the buttons it has, but I would have to see the buttons you are thinking of switching to. I have never personally done it myself, but its super easy.  I have a navy blazer that I am hoping to switch the brown buttons to gold! Love the camel blazer!


  5. I love this combo but I think gold buttons would really make it pop!  I actually swtiched gold buttons for decorative silver buttons on a red blazer to make it less Christmas-y and more suitable for my work (I'm a trial lawyer).  I am all in favor of switching buttons, there are so many pretty ones to choose from and it can totally transform a piece!!!

  6. I switched the buttons on a deep purple velvet blazer from Forever 21 a few years ago and LOVED the result! Just got a camel blazer and plan in switching the buttons on it as well. Its a simple change that makes a huge impact!

    Love the outfit, btw :)

  7. Switching buttons are one of my favorite DIY's - it usually reinvents the whole thing)
    I love camel with red - really great combination)

  8. I've never switched buttons before but it would be really easy and definitely give that coat some pizazz!! 


  9. Love the blazer! and pants! and shoes!! AND that purse looks like it'd be 300 buckaroos. Fierce!!

  10. You look great!


  11. I do this all the time with blazers and coats - it's such an easy way to make a piece look more expensive! :)

  12. Switching buttons requires sewing.  I have to ask others to do that for me.  But yes, I agree, switch the buttons! 

  13. I have a few things to say. First, your blog is amazing. There are so many trends you show that I thought looked ridiculous on models in the stores and you demonstrate how to make it work in real life. I used to think colored skinny jeans, hi-lo hems and the Aztec print looked silly but now you have me wanting to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Speaking of hi-lo hems, I finally purchased a hi-low skirt. It's mint green lace. Here's the dilemma: I don't know what to wear with it! Can you help me with an idea? Second, I wanted to say that I replace buttons on clothing, as well. Mostly on my jeans if the button pops off but I do it on jackets and tops, too. I like to use big buttons in bright colors or funky patterns for a small pop of unexpected color. As always, thanks for the inspiration again. Keep on working it, girl!

  14. Love the blazer! And yes I switch buttons all the time. From cute to fab for just a few $ and time

  15. I'm totally a button swapper. Sometimes I'll even buy a cheap too in Marshall's just for the buttons. LOL.

  16. I've been meaning to switch out the buttons on a wool coat-I think it will give it a lot more style. Show us if you change yours :-).