November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping

What I bought
I was clothes shopping from midnight to 3 a.m. last night. As a Black Friday virgin, it was quite the experience. The best time to get good deals on clothes is after Christmas and New Years, but I haven't had a successful clothes shopping trip in ages, so I decided to brave it. You can trace my steps on Twitter. Here's what I found:

1. Limited sweater, $18 - This sweater is thin enough to get a lot of use in Florida, and the length makes it perfect for pairing with leggings for air travel.
2. LOFT shirt, $27 - I've been eyeing this shirt and the 50% off promo sealed the deal. Classic white, it will look great with tons of different statement necklaces and anything from a night out to work.
3. Express shirt, $35 - They didn't have this top in the store, so I came home and ordered it online (it was 50% off, plus $8 shipping). The store associate that rang me up was wearing it and it is the most perfect aquamarine color in person (slightly darker than pictured).
4. Limited shirt, $16 - I've been hunting for a silk shirt this orange-red color since this summer and it was a great price.
5. Limited clutch, $15 - I really wanted a sparkly clutch for NYE and holiday parities, and I love the size and price on this one.
6. Express skirt, $30 - I first featured this skirt on the blog this summer, and now months later I finally bought it. The 50% off promo they were having + a gift card I've had for over a year motivated me! I wanted it to fit loose, so I got a size S.
7. Limited skirt, $22 - I was somewhat delirious and sleepy while shopping, so I'm not sure why I felt adventurous enough to buy a plaid mini-skirt. I'm going to attempt to style it when I get home, but this may go back if I wind up feeling too schoolgirl in it.
8. Limited jeans, $37 - Finallllly ended the search for off-white pants. I really wanted cords, but these jeans were just too perfect (fit + price) not to snap up.
9. Limited jeans, $15 - I got these jeans in a neon yellow color on clearance, too. Not sure that the pictured color is the same color I got?

What I tried on

1. American Eagle cords - The hunt for mint pants continues. I loved these, but it bums me out when pants are so stretchy that you can see your knee caps through them, so I passed. I sized up and tried on a 4.
2. Banana Republic dress - The mustard dress was only $15 in the store. ($26 on sale + 40% off sale items) The XS was too big up top for me though, so I reluctantly had to pass.
3. LOFT dress - I love this dress so much and would've bought it, but the size 0 was too big. (What's up with that sizing? I am not that small... Definitely size down if you order this.)
4. Limited dress - I really want a burgundy dress and this faux leather one is awesome. It was just boxy and slightly stiff, not a good combo for my body type, so I passed.
5. Limited sweater - I love this nautical cable knit sweater! They didn't have my size in the store, so I might pick it up online today.
6. Limited cardigan -  Totally obsessed with this sequin cardigan. Even at 50% off it's pricey so I'm hoping to catch it on clearance.
7. LOFT lace top - This lace top is gorgeous and the XS fit perfect, but I loved the white shirt I bought at LOFT more.
8. Limited clutch - Droooling over this hot pink clutch. I almost bought it but was trying not to spend my entire budget in the same store!
9. INC shoes - I would love to pick up a pair of sparkly shoes for the holidays and these were 50% off in the store, making them $45. I was hoping to only spend about $30 though, and getting shoes home in my suitcase was going to be tough.

Which items are your favorite? What deals did you score this Black Friday? Link to your favorites below!


  1. you just inspired me to buy that gold clutch online! i've been looking for one for awhile and that one is gorgeous. I'm stuck at work but luckily I'm in front of a computer so I've been doing a bit of online black friday shopping :)

  2. Nice haul! I have two plaid skirts (one vintage, one a Tommy Hilfiger) and I can assure you there is a way to make them look adorable.

  3. great picks! and thank you for all of the sale updates on twitter! I got sucked in by the Express sale, big time. And I had the same experience with some LOFT dresses recently. Normally I fit into a S at those range of stores (LOFT, Express, Gap) but the two dresses I bought in that size, I was swimming in. I am exchanging them for a XS and I hope they fit, or else they'll be going back.

  4. I bought and returned that sequined cardigan because I couldn't see myself wearing it more than once. I plan to buy that alpaca blend sweater coat from Express. I also bought a mint striped sweater and colored skinnies from old navy. I'm so excited the old navy colored skinnies fit we'll and they come in tall online so I won't have to spend an arm and a leg on this trend.

    Vanity sizing is a killer. It totally screws over smaller people. I'm 5'11" 147lbs and I own several size small and extra small items from Express. I am not an extra small person. Ridiculous. Then on the other hand I usually wear a size 8 in pants and the old navy skinnies fit me in a size 12.

    General rave about old navy: their polka dotted crew neck sweaters are back and cuter than ever. I bought two. They also had several cute blouses that I loved but my shoulders were too broad for them and my chest was too big for a small but the body was too big in a medium. SO if you don't have broader shoulders and have a smaller chest, they have several cute options. Tis was my first time shopping there in years.

  5. Also: is 40% off and I just wanted to share this blouse with everyone. I first bought the cream color and I loved it so muchi recently bought black. It looks amazing

  6. I bought a gold clutch from Really cute it was 14.99 plus shipping.

  7. Awesome info, thanks for sharing your reviews with us Emily!

  8. Cache had a great sale - 40% off all items in store and an additional 10% off at the register, and if you have a member card - another additional 5% off! The store was really empty too compared to other stores at midnight that were packed, so the shopping experience in the store was great. I've been wanting to buy a pair of leather pants for a while, but I've been kind of scared to rock them and I haven't found a pair that I really like. I found these leggings at cache with a strip of faux leather down the sides and bought them: I also bought a turquoise silk blouse from cache - but I can't find it on their website. I think it'll pair nicely with the leather leggings I bought with a black pump shoe. 

    I saw this pair of leggings at cache that reminded me of an outfit you posted of Miranda Kerr. I didn't try them on because I wasn't sure if I'd get a lot of use out of them compared to the leather leggings I decided to get.  

    picture on ur facebook page: 

    picture of cache leggings: 

    J, would you ever wear leather pants? I see pictures of leather pants all the time now on Pinterest so it's inspired me to experiment with these leather/black leggings I got. I'd love to see you create an outfit with leather pants! 

  9. FYI if Express doesn't have an item or your size in the store, they can order it online for you from the store and you get free shipping - save 8 bucks!

  10. Thanks so much for the tip Elissa! I waited for 45 min line to buy the sequin skirt. Pretty sure they would've laughed at me if I said I wanted to order something haha! And Black Friday prices only lasted until noon today.

  11. I bought those same off-white pants from The Limited today because I've also been looking for a pair foreverrr. They looked fab and at 50% off, I couldn't not! I'm crossing my fingers they fit because I got them online and have never worn Limited pants before. I also currently have that aquamarine shirt from Express in my cart and feel like I'll be buying it before the night is over. Can't wait to see how you style everything!


  12. wow sorry everyone i'm not good at typing on my ipad

  13. I found mint jeans and bought them! Now I have no clue what to do with them! Finally snagged a lace top, cobalt blue skirt, and nice skinny black pants for work or to go out. 9p to 2a, and I couldn't find mustard skinny jeans that worked. :(

  14. Love the Clutch - perfect size!
    You got a great haul.
    Looking forward to seeing how you style them

  15. Great shopping list! I definitely want some of those tops and pants!

  16. American Eagle has a really cute black cropped sequin blazer that could be a great alternative to the Limited sequin cardigan you were eyeing. It's $50 on sale on their website.

  17. I love the plaid mini skirt-- I almost bought plaid pants on black Friday but didn't-- might have to reconsider...

  18. I wasn't able to do much shopping yesterday because I worked, but I went on The Limited website and found some great stuff!,default,pd.html?dwvar_5036717_colorCode=499&start=45&ppid=c45&cgid=sale-tops,default,pd.html?dwvar_3146678_colorCode=117&start=3&ppid=c3&cgid=final-sale

    It was an extra 40% off your purchase too and only $5 shipping. I'm excited for these to come in! Also I love that sequin aztec skirt you got. I'm going to keep an eye on it, hopefully it will go on a good clearance price!

  19. Thank goodness for stores like Loft, The Limited, and BR.  I feel extra skinny when my normal medium is a small! :) But I know where you're coming from with the sizing - my younger sister and I cannot shop at these stores together because she is too small!

  20. I bought the Express skirt on Friday too - can't wait for it to arrive!  The 50% off deal was too good to pass up!

  21. I bought the express sequin skirt. I hope to see some posts soon on what your pair with it. I usually buy solids so this is a big step for me :) I am looking to wear it to nice dinners and out with friends so any tips would be great!

  22. I also bought a pair of neon yellow jeans on Black Friday- now that I have them home I am not sure about keeping them- so I guess I am looking forward to see what you do with yours for some ideas!!

  23. Loving that tribal Express skirt! Try Marshall's or TJ Maxx for the sparkly heels. I picked up a pair of Bandolinos from Marshalls last week that were $30! And sparkly gold with a gold cap on the toe.

  24. I also normally wear a size 0 at Loft, and that burgundy dress was WAY too big on me, too! Not sure why that dress fits differently than their other dresses. I was bummed--it was so cute!

  25. Those are great finds! I skipped Black Friday but got a few things on Cyber Monday! :)

    XO Nat
    [nat in love]