September 7, 2012

Today's Everyday Fashion: Governor's Conference

Aliens invaded my camera and put a dark streak in my hair. (It doesn't really exist.)
I attended the Governor's Conference on Tourism for VISIT FLORIDA this week and this is what I wore! I'm very excited about the winter potential for this patterned dress - I think it will look great with brown boots and a navy jacket. I wanted to wear it for a more summery look first though, so I reached for an off-white belt and shoes. This dress is slightly big (it's a M), but the belt works wonders and is moving the waistband down a bit (I placed the belt just under the elastic so it would create a lower waistline). At the bottom I am sharing my "company shirt required" look - how I dressed up a company shirt for the conference (for two examples on how to dress up a work polo go here). Have you ever attended a conference for work? What did you wear? 

Dress: c/o Francesca's Collections, $44 - Get 20% off a full-price item with code JEVERYDAY!
Belt: H&M, $5
Necklace: Birthday gift (similar, similar)
Shoes: Colin Stuart c/o MJR Sales, $24
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Rings: My Stella & Dot website $49 and $39
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website $59 and $59 and $32 and $79
I'm loving t-strap shoes right now!
1. Carlos Santana shoes, $99.99
2. Michael Antonio shoes, $28
3. Jessica Simpson shoes, $59.99
4. Report shoes, $35
5. BCBG shoes, $78.90
Dressing up a company shirt for a conference.
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  1. You look fantastic as always J!    I have noticed that in all of your posts you are wearing heels,  I was wondering do you ever wear flats and how do you still look stylish whilst being comfortable.  (I am a mom of two and still want to look cute whilst taking my girls to gymnastics, the grocery store etc)

  2. I really like the geometric patterned dress - you dressed it up really nicely.  I agree that a dress like this is so versatile for all seasons, and I like your suggestion of how to dress it up in cooler months.  Since it gets frigid were I live so quickly after the summer, another option I do is to treat the dress as a "tunic", and add on blazer and dark leggings for extra warmth. 

    I have attended several conferences for work, and seeing your photos reminds of a few where I had to wear the company shirt when I was attending the booth.  That is exactly what I do in this situation, try and elevate a mundane uniform with accessories and shoes.  Love how you added the pop of yellow.

    For more formal conferences I do like to wear a classic suit on the "most formal day".  And, for the other days, I usually wear a silky blouse with dress pants, like here:

  3. I love how you styled your dress and i adore the shoes. Great job on styling your company t-shirt.


  4. I really like the dress, the print is very pretty. But I think it shows that it's a tad big. So I get why you belted it but in my opinion it would have looked a lot prettier if you didn't belt it (if it was the right size maybe...) and lost the necklace. The print of the dress is so busy and great, it doesn't need a whole lot of accessories I think. But I'm in love with the shoes, they're perfect with this look.

    Awesome second outfit. I like how you styled it. It looks really great on you.

  5. I do love that printed dress. I think it will look great this fall! How fun!

  6. Ah! Where did you get the bubble necklace? It looks great. And I love how you dressed up a simple conference t-shirt!

  7. Love this color! Its so perfect on you! The printed dress is going to look fab with boots!

  8. Love the way you dressed up the company t-shirt!! That's always a hard thing to do :)

  9. Hi J, both looks are great! My favorite is that dress of yours, perfect colors, patter and it will be a great staple for fall as you mentioned! LOVE this color pallet on you! And of course the shoes, which i have commented on twitter that i LOVED them! So sexy!


  10. First off, that's a really great looking company shirt.  That being said, I don't think that pairing it with a "HELLO" yellow necklace is something that a lot of our companies would be overly ok with.  Beyond that the white pants and the bangle are adorable.

    I'm not a fan of the white belt and the shoes though.

  11. This being my first comment on your blog, I have to say I love what you and your blog stand for!
    You look GREAT in your company shirt outfit, very sexy! (esp. for a Tshirt!!)

    But I think that necklace is wayy to much with your patterned dress. Other than that, I love everything else you wore with the dress!

  12. Thanks and welcome to the blog Carina! :-)

  13. Thanks Elyssa! I think I should've been more clear about what I do for VISIT FLORIDA because while it may be appropriate for my role, I agree that it doesn't work for every industry. I am the shopping/fashion expert (they call us "Insiders") for VF, so I definitely felt appropriate accessorizing and play up my shirt (it also started a lot of conversations, which is great when you are manning a table at a conference). If you are representing another industry or company, then definitely be sure to follow the guidelines set out by your employer!

  14. Thanks Kate! I would recommend checking out my Facebook page - I have hundreds of outfits with flats (2 out of the last 5 I posted in fact!), and you can easily scroll through and see them quickly. I would also say that pretty much any look could be worn with about 10 different shoe options, so feel free to mix and match with flats instead of heels as shown!

  15. I have to just say that I absolutely think your style is perfect.  It is very similar to how I dress and I love that you have based your blog on the everyday woman.  I love your use of different colors! I just started a fashion blog for us budget-friendly women too!  

    Keep up the awesome work :) 

  16. i love those shoes that you wore with the dress! really cute & so versatile! 

  17. Cute dress! Your ideas on how to dress up a company shirt are awesome.. plan to develop something for myself next casual friday :)

  18. Love how you spiced up a work tshirt! I love your blog! Was also wondering if you've announced the winners for conversation pieces?


  19. love the dress and love it with the belt!

    Leopard and Lillies

  20. #1)  The "coral-like orange" color of your new orange necklace............ (i.e., which, as you've previously said, was a birthday present from your friends Amanda and Natalie!)............ is really one of  *Y.O.U.R.  Colors*, because it just makes your complexion look glowingly-fabulous!!    Your friends sure............ nailed it, colorwise, J., for your birthday present!!

    I've noticed that if you wear an accessory that's one or two shades LIGHTER~~(or, instead, one or two shades DARKER)~~than the color of the clothing article(s) which you want to highlight............ that it really does the trick!!    For instance, your lighter-orange necklace effectively highlights the geometric, darker-orange patterns in your dress............ MUCH more than, say, a necklace in the *exact* same shade of orange, (i.e., AS the geometric, darker-orange patterns in your dress), would!!

    #2)  The gold-buttoned sleeve tabs~~(i.e., epaulettes, or "flashes")~~really "dress" your lovely, geometric-patterned dress up, too!!

  21. where is your  yellow bubble necklace from???

  22. I love your blog and you are so adorable but it seems you way over accessorize. Especially when you have a super "busy" dress on. And then the belt, and the super high heels. This dress would be way cuter if you lose the necklace. Besides I'm so over all these statement necklaces. Trends are fun but timeless classic are forever.

  23. Thanks Rosanna! I love the gold buttons too!