July 23, 2012

Today's Everyday Fashion: Guest Post

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be guest blogging for J while she is on her mission trip to Africa! J's blog is one of the first blogs I started reading before I started mine, and I continue to read it for the great inspirational outfits she puts together! Thanks so much to J for having me blog while she's gone, and thank you guys for reading! Feel free to stop by my blog Twelve by Six and say hello!

I'm constantly on the lookout for inspiring work wear outfits because I work in a professional office where the usual outfits are black, drab, and/or boring. I immediately loved this unconventional look that I came across in a Nordstrom email because it's different but still work-friendly. The rusty orange colored pants are unusual yet classy, and I absolutely loved the silky shirt and nude pumps with it! This outfit is so comfortable and perfect for the hot summer months because of the cropped pants and breezy shirt, and the layered cardigan is perfect for offices that turn the air conditioner to arctic levels. I think the entire outfit will transition well into fall too - the rusty orange color is a great fall tone, and I can easily layer a heavier sweater and scarf and swap in boots for the heels. I usually wear jewelry or accessories with my outfits, but this one seemed so simple and chic on its own that I actually enjoyed letting the clothes speak for themselves!

Inspiration: Nordstrom
Top: Talbots $25 (similar)
Capris: J.Crew $35
Cardigan: J.Crew $49
Heels: Nine West $30 (similar)

1. Lucky Brand capris, $60.99
2. St.John's Bay capris, $20
3. BDG pants, $49


  1. I love the color of those capris! Especially with the navy!

  2. pretty little thingsJuly 23, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    great recreation look! love those pants! xo


  3. CoffeebeansandbobbypinsJuly 23, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    Great mimic!

  4. Marissa@ohhhsolovelyJuly 23, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    i really like the colors going on in this outfit! it's fun, but muted enough for a dressy office environment!


  5. laura this is an AWESOME recreation! you look AMAZING!!!! 

  6. Perfect recreation!!


  7. Thanks coffeebeansandbobbypins (great blog name!) :)

  8. LiziheartvegetablesJuly 23, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Wow that's an awesome recreation! I love it!

  9. What a great look. :) I think I like your recreation better!

    Lindsay @ LindsayJEveryday.blogspot.com

  10. LOVE that talbots top! And you're right, such a great work outfit!!

  11. Vijaya SatyanandJuly 23, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    wow great collection trendseveryday

  12. Love the look for fall! Great inspiration! 
    xoxo Sarah


  13. I LOVE this outfit!! I would definitely wear it to work! I really like the contrasting cream and black top! <3 Sarah

  14. Wonderful outfit! I would love this kind of thing for fall. 

  15. I love this outfit! I definitely just planned a similar outfit for next week.

  16. I love the outfit you are wearing, however, the top you suggested is literally NOTHING like the top you're wearing. I'm sure if you looked a little harder you'd have found something more similar. 

  17. I love Laura! I'm so glad she guest-posted for you!

  18. I really like this look. It's super chic, appropriate for work (I also work in a corporate environment), and fun at the same time! You look super cute. Can't wait to check out more of your style on your blog!