March 31, 2012

Today's Everyday Fashion: Cobalt + BRINK

How cute is this girl with her leopard purse and khaki neutrals? And I had just the right pieces in my wardrobe to re-create it. :-) Other cobalt jeans outfits I've done so far: with a gray blazer here, with a white blazer here, with a camel blazer here, and a color-blocking outfit here.

Also - I'm in the April/May issue of BRINK Magazine (see bottom photo, so fun!). You can read the full story here, and see last year's men's makeovers here.

Inspiration photo: Mr. Newton
Blazer: Banana Republic, $35
Shirt: Banana Republic, old
Jeans: American Eagle, $35 (similar)
Shoes: Chinese Laundry/Piperlime, $34 (similar)
Purse: River Island, $60
Rings: LOFT pink ring $11, My Stella & Dot website $49
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: Banana Republic $10, My Stella & Dot website $49

1. DSW leopard purse, $59.95
2. Zappos leopard purse, $89
3. Jessica Simpson leopard clutch, $24.99

BRINK Magazine


  1. Constanze SchmittMarch 31, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    The outfit is great, looks beautiful! :)

  2. Love this one.  So wearable.

  3. really really like this look on you! I've been wanting to rock colored pants for a long time. The blue look great paired with khaki and leopard!

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Love blue pants, I really need to get a pair! Love the leopard bag from Zappos!

  5. Great combo!  I love that cobalt blue can almost be a neutral.

  6. bulbulvishwakarmaMarch 31, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    you look very lovely!!

  7. Your site is so fresh and so REAL.  I have been intimidated by other fashion blogs in the past but you make it so easy to see the potential in my closet.  You are a daily must read. Thank you, Thank you!! 

  8. jseverydayfashionMarch 31, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Yay! Thank you Melissa! This is exactly my goal with this website - I want it to be accessible (never intimidating!), fun and uplifting! :-)

  9. I love my Gap colbalt blue pants. Colbalt blue is so versatile.

  10. Spot on re-creation, and that leopard bag is beautiful.  Congratulations on being featured BRINK!  You are such a hard worker and such a beautiful person in and out - you deserve every bit of it. :)

  11. jseverydayfashionMarch 31, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    Totally made my day, thank you so much!! :-)

  12. Don't blame you for wanting to re-create that outfit!  It is hot!  Love cobalt blue and neutrals worn together!  You look great in blue!!  I am so obsessed with your leopard bag!  That is one item I don't have in my closet yet!  xx


  13. Pairing your cobalt skinnies with a really *monochromatic*-neutral clothing palette + a leopard purse is soooo chic!!    You could just fit-right-WITHin your Inspiration Photo, J. ............ (i.e., from this very high-end/upscale blog  )............ at LONDON'S Fashion Week in September, 2011;  so maybe you yourself'll simply have to return to London again someday, too!!

    Incidentally, I can genuinely appreciate the great design of the Alexander McQueen Skull & Bee Cocktail Ring, which the person in your Inspiration Photo is wearing on HER lovely left hand--(i.e., see Photo #9 in the Above link)--however............ (although I know it's probably foolish to be creeped-out by a RING!!)............ IF I had LOFT's dreamy/romantic/feminine Pink Oval Stone Ring in my jewelry box, which you're wearing on YOUR lovely left hand............ INSTEAD of the McQueen ring in my jewelry box, I don't think that............ I'd need to  S.L.E.E.P.  W.I.T.H.  T.H.E.  L.I.G.H.T.  O.N.  at night, though, (haha)!!

  14. I love this look.  I've been keeping my eyes peeled for cobalt jeans for myself!

  15. i have been SEARCHING for cobalt / royal blue pants! thank you SO much for sharing this!!

  16. I love this look! I am always looking for ways to wear my cobalt pants and I love them paired with neutrals and leopard! So cute! And congrats on your feature!! That's so exciting!!

  17. Love the color combo! I'm going to have to copy! 

  18. You've just given me a great idea for how to wear my cobalt skinnies!