February 25, 2012

Today's Everyday Fashion: Polished Boutique

I have a few "uniforms" that I turn to in a pinch, and an olive dress and cognac shoes is definitely one of them! I recently added this comfy olive dress with an elastic waist and diagonal zip pockets to my closet thanks to the folks at Polished Boutique. They are technically juniors clothes so I sized up and got a Medium. It's a bit big on me up top, but I also wouldn't want it any shorter so I'm glad I got this size. It looks perfect under a leather jacket for a spring or fall day. What do you consider your easy outfit "uniforms"? 

Dress: c/o Polished Boutique, $26
Leather jacket: Banana Republic, $150
Belt: Gap, $40
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $98
Boots: Grifter c/o Chinese Laundry, $149
Rings: LOFT pink stone ring $11, My Stella & Dot website $49
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: Banana Republic $10, My Stella & Dot website $49

1. Mango leather jacket, $179.99
2. BB Dakota leather jacket, $172.99
3. The Limited mustard motorcycle jacket, $128


  1. Those boots are fab! I'd like the be macs with another outfit though. Too long with the statement belt I think. Great colors!

  2. Id like to see the necklace* with another outfit

  3. I love this look! Im going to copy this look. Just add some tights though since its freezing up here in Wisconsin. I have been meaning to get a leather jacket. I just don't see me spending so much on it. I'm still having a hard time with the new back drop. I feel my eyes go straight to it and not the outfit :/

    Well eventually I will :)

    Have a great weekend

  4. Loving that necklace! Tho, for $98 I would be sure to lose it. The only stuff I manage to find is the $5 crap I don't want anymore. :-)

  5. Lol Paula. This necklace is really heavy (it's a semi-precious stone, the real deal) so I think it would be tough to loose. Although I hear ya - lately I can't find anything in my closet. Time for a re-org!

  6. Maggie, tights would be a great addition to this look! As for leather jackets, I really recommend getting real leather. Will last forever and looks so much better than fake leather! As for the backdrop... oh no! :-( That's not good. Any ideas why? Has it been bugging you all 3 days so far or just today (the lighting on this picture is really different than the other two days but I kind of dig it!). 

  7. Now that you mention the lighting. It makes sense. Looks a little darker. Lots of shadows around your face. I dunno. It doesn't matter what you do. You're fabulous. I come everyday ( a few times a day ) to get ideas.. Thanks again. Since I found your blog on the tjmaxx Facebook page i have become a new woman in sense of style. Keep up the great work you do.

  8. I loveeee the camel jacket with it! And it's always a tricky situation putting a long necklace so close to a belt but this outfit does it perfectly!!

    Also, I've been meaning to post for a while. I love the backdrop! And i love that you don't go and have photoshoots in flowery meadow fields. I think it's so unrealistic to have that kind of time and i'm glad to see that you've been successful without having to have photoshoots.

    <3 Nicole 

  9. Really love this look! Especially with the leather jacket. My go-to uniform is skinnies+top+cardigan. My shoes vary based on the season, but if I'm going out during the day that's (always) what I go for. Maybe it's time to switch it up a little. :)

  10. the mango and bb dakota jacket you recommended are great choices!

  11. Cool. Thanks for your feedback Maggie and for reading the blog! :-)

  12. I love the olive dress!  It is very cute, and the jacket is a great style and great fit on you too! Definitely loving the color combinations!  I don't have any kind of olive colors in my wardrobe and was just thinking yesterday after I just made a new pair of earrings that are olive shaded, that I need an olive dress!  The necklace is gorgeous, but I feel like the belt gets in the way of it a little?  I love looking at your new pics with the backdrop.  I feel like you are in your own private studio!  Have a great weekend!  xx


  13. Pip, there is some definite layering going on with the belt + necklace but I thought it was kind of quirky and liked it more than w/o the belt. And thank you about the new backdrop! I feel the same way. It's like a real studio, only it's my same room I've been in the whole time lol!

  14. Tights would be a great addition and alteration to the feel of the look, try a sheeny opaque tight like our Lustrous Brunette Tight http://www.shoppolished.com/Brunette_Tight_p/fremtcl.htm

    Love the look too!

  15. My uniform at the moment is a dress my mother made for me when I was 17 or so (I'm 33 now).  I just rediscovered it in my old wardrobe at her house and I am loving it!  It has a neo-vintage look as it's floral and it has ties which I have discovered that looks better if I tie the bow at the front rather than the back how the original design intended.  I wear them with flats and my fitted denim jacket when it gets chilly at night.

  16. I love this story! So cute! 

  17. I think part of it is the wrinkles on the backdrop.  Iron those out so the eye doesn't go to that instead of your awesome outfits.  I've been reading your blog for a while.  LOVE it!

  18. Love the jacket! Check out the Karl Lagerfeld one I'm wearing on my post: http://www.fashionatforty.blogspot.com/2012/02/minty-tweed.html


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