February 11, 2012

Today's Everyday Fashion: Bon Voyage

This pea green + electric blue color combo intrigues me. I gave it a shot with what I already had in my closet and came up with the middle combo a few weeks ago. Unsatisfied (eek, what is wrong with my hair in that photo?), I gave it a second try and came up with the right combo. I like both looks, and overall am a big fan of styling a patterned shirt this way (under a cardigan + belt) for work or weekend alike. Which look do you like best?

Also - I'm headed off on a short to cruise to the Bahamas tomorrow! I won't be posting for a few days, but I promise to take lots and lots of pictures of my outfits and share them as soon as I return. ;-) See ya soon!

Inspiration photo: LOFT
Cardigan: LOFT, $20
Shirt on left: c/o The Unique Closet, $28 (old)
Shirt on right: Old Navy, $20
Belt: American Eagle, $15
Jeans: Gap, $15
Shoes: Restricted from Endless, $40
Necklace on left: Chain via my Stella & Dot website, $59
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website, $49 and $59
Ring: My Stella & Dot website, $49

1. Land's End polka dot shirt, $39
2. Forever 21 polka dot shirt, $22.80
3. Forever 21 polka dot shirt, $17.80


  1. I like it more with the brighter shirt on the right, love the left shirt too but with dark jeans and this color cardi I kind of preffer something like the ON shirt or maybe even something in blush pink...  This ON shirt would also look great with your camel skinnies I guess :) (like your blush pink shirt did, the other day) Neon belt is fun addition, and can always be swaped with more "casual" color if preffered :)
    Btw, today I plan on playing with my new camel skinnies and creating few outfits, so if photos are decent enough (b/c I take them with auto caption and really bad lighting) and I like what I come up with I'll show them to you (and your fans) for review ;)

  2. Enjoy the trip..I'm jealous! Today, putting together an outfit to wear for a funeral followed by valentine date night with the hubby..........I like the color play on the right the best, but both look great.

  3. I like your far right version the best. Looks great :)


  4. Awesome, can't wait to see it Ana!

  5. I agree, the second version is best.  The lighter shirt works better.  I wish I could throw a belt over a cardigan like this.  I feel it's an outfit fail every time I try it.  :)  I'd achieve the look by throwing on cobalt shoes and skipping the belt.  

  6. Electric blue and pea green----(or maybe even olive green, too??)----is really *striking* together:  it's a totally-unexpected color combination that definitely livens up these long Winter days!!

    On the far right, (Above), I like how............ the *soft* front ruffles............ and the *soft* smocked-and-banded bottom (and the smocked neckline) of your blouse............ and actually the *soft* drape of your belt, too, i.e., now that I think of it............ all *soften* the linear lines of your (very enviable!!) body type!!

    Have a GREAT time on your cruise to the Bahamas;  and if~~(by some Miracle From God!!)~~you have the opportunity to *extend* your cruise for a few EXTRA days, just know in your Very Kind And Fashionable Heart, J., that............ ALL your devoted Readers............ i.e., at least those of us who themselves are longing for warm sand on beautiful, sunny beaches, under brilliant blue skies, followed by stunning evening sunsets;  then by tropical drinks, dinner, and dancing............ would totally,  *T.*O.*T.*A.*L.*L.*Y.*  understand, (haha!!)

  7. I absolutely love how the second one came together. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who will tweak my outfit if it's not exactly what I was looking for! The blue is so great on you and has inspired me to add an electric blue belt to my shopping list!

    I also want to really quick thank you for being one of the biggest inspirational factors behind starting my very own fashion blog about a week ago. I've sat back and read fashion blogs for about a year now, but never joined in. My biggest fear was not having the time to go have photo shoots after my full time job, but your blog showed me that I could still document my outfits even without the professional photographer husband. So, thank you.

    Enjoy your trip!

    Nicole @ www.RealLifeDressUp.blogspot.com

  8. dreaming en francaisFebruary 11, 2012 at 6:14 PM

    Such a cute look -- I never would have thought to pair these colors together! Love the Old Navy top xo


  9. Love both looks! Have a great time on your trip! We'll miss you! 

  10. lighter shirt makes such a difference! love it and have fun!

  11. Both looks are good for you! I think the light shirt is a little better. Oh how I love belting cardigans and ruffle tops. I will have to try and make a look like this! Have a wonderful time in the Bahamas. Looking forward to hearing about your trip and pictures of course!

  12. I like the light shirt better.  It brightens the outfit and looks fabulous :)  Have fun on your cruise!

  13. I like your second look slightly more, I think its the lighter shade of the printed top and the ruffles that make it "work" for me :) You look great as always!

  14. I really like the look on the right with the ivory colored top! And that pop of color from the belt is fantastic! Have such a wonderful time on your cruise! Can't wait to hear about it!