February 18, 2012

Bahamas Cruise - Day 2

Day 2 was spent in Freeport + fancy night at dinner! During the day, we took a taxi to nearby Xanadu Beach. It was a gorgeous beach, on the small side, and attached to a big resort that appeared to be closed (off season?). Some of the locals were in jackets, but it was just warm enough in the sunshine to rock a bathing suit and not have goosebumps. :-) After a fun day on the beach, we headed back to the boat for "fancy night" at dinner. I wore this pleated pink dress that I wore to the ballet last year (see it here). I didn't have time or money to shop for anything to wear on this trip (we booked last-minute to get an awesome price), so I focused on getting creative with things I already had. These shoes are a recent addition to my closet and I thought now was the perfect time to bust them out, along with my new-ish tuxedo jacket to finish off the look!

Dress: H&M, $10 (old)
Blazer: c/o Express, $55
Shoes: Colin Stuart c/o MJR Sales, $27 (search term: C Stuart Ankle Strap Sandal)
Necklace: chain via my Stella & Dot website, $59 (with sold-out charm)
Purse: Juicy Couture from TJ Maxx, $69
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website, $49 and $59
Ring: My Stella & Dot website, $49

Fedora: Banana Republic, $17
Sunglasses: LOFT, $15
Tunic: J.Crew, $20
Shorts: American Eagle, old
Sandals: Chinese Laundry from DSW, $27
Purse: c/o It's in the Bag, $99


  1. Great pictures.

    I love creating memories on tropical islands.


  2. very beautiful! i was missing that dress! the shoes are to die for!!!!! 

  3. You 2 are so gorgeous!  Love your new shoes.x

  4. This looks like a great time!  I bet you had a blast!!!  I really like the fedora on you!  xx


  5. awesome pictures! your outfits look great as always.

  6. I just love your three "Sunset Photographs" on the ship's deck!!    The multi-tiered, crystal-pleated, pink chiffon RUFFLES, (i.e., of your gorgeous, feminine dress), almost seem to............ *e.*c.*h.*o.*............ the ocean's *gentle WAVES* in the background............ and also the *puffy CLOUDS*, way-back-there on the horizon, too!!   

    The Greco-Roman statuary on board is really classy and artistically *lovely*;  and your Imitation Of The Statue----(i.e., with your pose and your own tuxedo-jacket "towel"!!)----is very cute/clever!!    I think I like YOUR dinner outfit just a little bit more, J., than HER statuary dinner "outfit," though;  and in fact, I think Ms. Statue could really USE someone, like you, to............ show her HOW TO "Shop Her Closet" for dinner on board, (haha)!!

  7. great pictures. you look very happy. and stylish ofcourse! :-)

  8. Love the pink dress. And those legs... You are some hottie.

  9. LOL Rosanna! Yes, I was being a total goofball in the statue picture. We took a bunch of silly photos that night, but that is the only suitable one (aka not embarrassing)  I could post! I could definitely show her a thing or two about dressing though. Chica is totally naked. :-) 

  10. I love those colin stuart shoes so much!!!! I hope MJR gets more so I can buy them...been checking everyday. Also J, I bought that Rezrekshn fur vest you had in grey and I LOVE it and get so many compliments on it!!! You are the best!!!

  11. Brittany, so glad the vest worked out for you! And I agree - I'm totally, totally in love with these shoes. Will be wearing them tons!

  12. Love love love the dress! So flouncy and pretty!

  13. I love those colin stuart heels and have been meaning to get them but I’m confused about the sizing regarding the back panel. Did you need to go a size up or down when getting these heels or are they true to size?
    p.s. u’re a stunner!

  14. jseverydayfashionJune 15, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    Thanks Kiran! I'm a true 9.5, but most companies don't make that size so I got a size 10. They fit perfect. The gold ankle strap is somewhat stretchy in the back, which I think helps make the shoes fit! I would go with your normal size though.