December 3, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Periwinkle Please

I was running super-late yesterday and I threw this outfit together for lunch with a friend. Generally, I come up with outfits one of three ways:

1. I am craving a particular color or print (like leopard) that day, and just have to go for it.
2. I have a practical aspect of my day that determines a starting point - such as what shoes to wear - and then I plan the rest of the outfit around that piece.
3. I look through inspiration photos to come up with something out of left field.

Today's look was a result of #1. I was craving periwinkle from the moment I woke up, and just couldn't leave the house without putting it in my outfit somehow. Thankfully, I still have this sweater from more than two years ago, so I pulled it out of the back of my closet. I then promptly went to town adding some other favorite colors like a chartreuse shirt (also pretty old) and a green statement necklace. What's your process for selecting what to wear in the morning?

Sweater: Gap, really old
Shirt: J.Crew, $25
Necklace: Banana Republic, $40
Jeans: Vigoss c/o Nordstrom Rack, $35 (recent)
Shoes: Bandolino via TJ Maxx, $25
Purse: c/o It's in the Bag, $99

1. Ann Taylor periwinkle cardigan, $78
2. Stella & Dot jade necklace, $118 (via my personal Stylist website)
3. Aldo mustard pump, $54.98 (on sale)


  1. I absolutely love the combinations of colours in this outfit! I wouldn't ever come up with it! :)


  2. I have to say that I am obsessed with your shoes!  I always love when you wear them.  They look great with periwinkle!  That outfit is really great to run around in and do errands or hanging out with friends for a lunch date.  Love it!

  3. My process for selecting what to wear is somewhat like yours. I usually chose an item I want to wear - shoes, pants, skirt, top, etc - then I look for inspiration for using it. Periwinkle is one of my favorite colors and I love how you combine it with non-traditional colors.

  4. You always look so nice
    in *ruffles*, J, i.e., your (enviably!!) slender frame is really able
    to "carry them off well," you know!!    Years ago, I used to think when
    women wore a high, large round ruffle----(i.e., all the way around their
    necks)----that it made them look kind of like Clarabelle The Clown,
    (haha!!)............ however, your ruffled shirt (as you've arranged it
    here) is attractively scoop-necked;  very feminine;  (and NOT clown-like
    at all!!)  
    Your wearing a CONTRASTING color sweater, in periwinkle blue, OVER your
    chartreuse shirt----(with only the chartreuse ruffle showin'-out at the
    top)----then almost makes the chartreuse ruffle *itself* look
    like............ a statement necklace!!    So, with your chartreuse
    ruffle being a statement "necklace" (of SORTS);  *and* with your green
    statement necklace (from Banana Republic) being an ACTUAL statement
    necklace............ you've then essentially highlighted your
    neck-and-face, (i.e., with statement necklaces), *twice* in this
    Really masterful styling;  and genuinely  *I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D.*  use of
    color, J............ almost like a blue-blue-*blue* sky OVER a
    *greenish-gold* field of ripening wheat!!

  5. Looks like you are getting a better handle on your new camera :) These look great! As does the outfit!


  6. cute outfit, nice colors. my outfit today is based on this

  7. I normally pick my outfits out the night before.  i don't do such a great job putting things together at 7AM.  But, like you, sometimes I just HAVE to wear a certain piece and put together my outfit for that piece and just build.  Weather plays a part too but mostly, I start with one piece.

  8. Gosh those colors look so well together. I really love the color of the pumps. That's what I need to my collection....a mustard pump. Your whole look is TOO CUTE!

  9. looks like you're getting alone well with you're new camera!

  10. So very casual chic. I love it and love those colors together!

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  11. Love this look, love your style! Great blog!