December 17, 2011

My November Budget

It has been a hot minute since I did my last budget post. (July, in case anyone is counting. You can see all my budget posts archived here.) This long absence can be blamed on the fact that I did not have time to go shopping for several months! I didn't necessarily miss shopping, but what I did notice is more of a "I have nothing to wear attitude" coming from me. I definitely don't think you need a lot of money to dress well, and I definitely don't think you need to be buying new things all the time, but at the same time I think that a new item here and there is a bit like a breath of fresh air into your closet and can be totally healthy. At least for me it is, and new items tends to boost my creativity. (Anyone with me on this?)

So, here's what I bought:
1. American Eagle plaid shirt, $24 (Black Friday online purchase)
2. American Eagle sweater, $30 (Black Friday online purchase)
3. American Eagle cobalt jeans, $37
4. Gap neon sweater, $17
5. Old Navy emerald top, $11 (with $20 Groupon)
6. Steve Madden Tanngoo boots from Endless, $47
7. Express pleated skirt, $18 (Black Friday purchase)
8. Urban Originals shoes, $24 (Black Friday online purchase)
9. Urban Originals shoes, $22 (Black Friday online purchase)
       Grand Total = $230 (since I hadn't shopped in several months, I gave myself more than the usual
                                          $100/month budget)

Why I bought these items:
Items #1, 2 and 6 were my attempt to winterize my wardrobe a bit more, which was a big goal for me this month. I've been looking for boots exactly like #6 for awhile and was thrilled when I finally found them last week! Item #7 was a spur-of-the-moment Black Friday purchase. I've had a pleated skirt on my wish list for some time, and I couldn't pass up that price! Items #3, 4 and 5 are my never-ending quest to add color to my wardrobe. These tones are a bit more wintery and should work in all seasons. Finally, the shoes... items #8-9. These were a total splurge. I regret it slightly (the green ones are not that great in person), but I love the lime colored ones and with the right outfit I'm sure they will be fab. Definitely didn't "need" those shoes though. ;-)


  1. I will be setting my self up a monthly budget for this year.  I have always thought about doing it, and now I'm going to stick with it.  Great purchases!!

  2. The pleated skirt and moose sweater are amazing! great buys!

  3. I agree that buying something new periodically can help keep
    your fashion mojo alive and your wardrobe fresh…as long as it’s kept to a
    minimum and it’s actually a good buy. I don’t indulge in impulse buying, from
    past experience it always results in regret over money spent on an item I don’t
    really want or need. When I get this feeling while shopping I almost always
    pass the Item(s) up. I can tell the difference between a good buy and an
    impulse buy now. 

  4. Definitely know what you mean about new items. Even if it's a new headband, it makes me feel all giddy & excited about pairing it with my old items. How are Urban Originals shoe in terms of comfort?

  5. Totally! Urban Originals shoes are what they are - inexpensive. Perfect if you want a fun shoe that you are only going to wear a couple times, but these are definitely not investment shoes that you will wear for many years to come or be comfortable wearing on your feet for 10 hours straight!

  6. Lena, this inspired me to go back and change the wording in my post. I wouldn't say the shoes were an "impulse" as much as "splurge." With shoes, I like to invest in brand names (at lower prices from places like DSW) that will last awhile. But I also like the shoes at Urbanog on occasion for their whimsy. I couldn't resist the sales on Black Friday so I splurged a little and got them. At the time, seemed wise (I was looking for more fun shoes!), but later I felt like it was silly. I could have just left them off the list since you will likely never see them on the blog (the green ones at least) but wanted to share my mistakes so you guys can hopefully learn from them! :-)

  7. Hey J, I definitely feel you on splurge vs. impulse buys. I splurge sometimes too :) I consider that a good buy (something that will enhance my wardrobe) but spending more then I normally would or maybe should at the time. It's a good post, it did make me contemplate my spending habits which is good because that helps me remember to stick to my good habits and remember to steer clear of my bad habits. As usual good info. 

  8. I bought the green Old Navy shirt too! Love it! I just don't know what to wear it with ?! Hope you wear it soon, so I can copy :)

  9. Thank you, just as I thought. I have yet to find cheap & comfortable. I have to tell you that I simply adore your blog and am selecting a few of your outfits to replicate. So glad I found you on the internets!

  10. I love these budget posts and am glad they are back! It's great to see what you got throughout the month and how much you spent.. I think it would be helpful for me to do this too! (And I suspect I'd find out I'm spending more than I think!) I'm in love with that pleated skirt... too cute! And the shoes are a fun splurge that we all need sometimes!

  11. Great idea and great buys!! I really love the plaid shirt- I have been searching for one... I might just be stopping by AE tomorrow!


  12. I just found your blog, I noticed you live in Orlando - do you ever shop at Sophie and Trey in Lake Mary?  The one pair of shoes look like they're from there!   I love Sophie and Trey!

  13. Welcome to the blog! :-) I have never been to Sophie & Trey, although I follow them on FB. Those shoes are Qpid brand though and lots of stores sell them, including where I bought them, Ami Clubwear, Burlington Coat Factory and boutiques.