October 13, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Snake Charmer

I've been seeing the snakeskin trend everywhere lately! This inspiration photo is just one of many I have saved that include a shirt like this. I picked mine up from the same donation pile that yesterday's leather skirt came from, and although it's kind of huge on me, I tucked it into a high-waisted skirt and rolled the sleeves so I could give the trend a whirl. Will you be rocking the snakeskin trend this year?

Inspiration photo: Shopbop
Shirt: Handed down from a friend
Skirt: Banana Republic, $50
Belt: Gap, $40
Shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW, $40
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website
Purse: c/o It's in the Bag, $99
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelet: My Stella & Dot website

1. Calvin Klein snakeskin shirt via Macy's, $59.99
2. New York & Company snakeskin shirt, $32.95
3. Michael Kors snakeskin shirt via Dillard's, $27.82

Goodwill's Central Florida headquarters

Also - I wore this look out and about yesterday and thought I would share some pictures! First I had a tour of Central Florida's Goodwill headquarters with the VP of Public Relations. I will be writing a story about them for my VISIT FLORIDA gig, but the biggest thing I took away was just a reminder that Goodwill is not only a great place to find a good deal, and a great place to unload your unwanted clothing, but it's also for a good cause (they offer tons of free community programs, funded by the sales of the items in the their stores). After that, I headed to In Style Hair's new location in Baldwin Park to get my hair done. The shiny new salon and spa is gorgeous, smelled delish and I had a great time getting some much-needed maintenance on my hair. I will be posting "after" pics soon!

 In Style Hair's new location in Baldwin Park


  1. I love the outfit!


  2. Snakeskin print is so pretty! I wore my top with a cobalt pleated midi skirt the other day. I like how you paired yours with the gray skirt.

    The Goodwill is a favorite place of mine. It's amazing at all of the great items you can find on a budget. They also have new stock Target items at our Goodwill!   Heather

  3. I absolutely love this outfit! I can't wait to get my hands on some snake skin!

  4. I LOVE that belt!!!!!

  5. I love your recreation, I think that shirt being a little over-sized looks awesome on you - you can pull just about anything off it seems!

    I too am a big supporter of Goodwill, I shop there frequently but also donate too because of all of the community outreach that they provide. I think that its awesome that you are highlighting such a great organization! xo

  6. Love this outfit! I'm obsessed with leopard and snake print clothes and accessories right now.

    Also, just and FYI, Anne Taylor LOFT is having an additional 40% off already marked down clearance, and there is some really cute stuff on sale :)

  7. Heather, yes this one stocks new Target items too! I learned a lot of things I didn't know previously. ps. The skirt is actually olive green! Definitely hard to tell in some of the pictures. :-)

  8. J, I love this post...and for a number of reasons! First off your outfit is almost spot on with the inspiration pic and looks really great. Also, I've just recently begun shopping at the Goodwill. I spent the past weekend scouring the racks of all my local Goodwill stores for pieces that I could maybe incorporate into my outfits for Teen Vogue Fashion U next week. Finally, I love that you reminded readers that the Goodwill is not just a place to luck up on fabulous finds, but also its a way to use fashion for more than just superficial reasons. Goodwill Industries provides people with affordable clothing, job skills and jobs! 

    Kudos to you for this post! 

                                                                    Kisses from Kierra 

  9. Thanks for the reminder about goodwill. People either forget or don't know that they do more than sell clothes.

  10. Ohh this is so cute!! I'm not usually really into Snakeskin, but I love how you have it paired here with that highwaisted skirt! And I wouldn't have thought to put that chestnut color with the grey but it looks great! A pop of color belt would also be cute!

  11. I swear! Everything looks cute on you! :-)


  12. You look effortlessly chic in this outfit J!  I love the slight sheen on the skirt (or is that just an illusion?) paired with the matte look of the snakeskin top.  And yes - I will definitely be including some snakeskin in my closet this season...faux snakeskin of course! :-)

    And I could spend hours in Goodwill!  Such a great place to find vintage jewelry...

    XO - Marion

  13. This is a great outfit! I am really digging that skirt! I am still kinda iffy on the snakeskin- but you are rockin' it!

  14. what a beautiful outfit first of all! And going to Goodwill headquarters would be my dream!! That sounds like soo much fun! I thrift there often and constantly find great things! You got some great steals girl! You have wonderful style! Now following you! :) 

  15. That's an adorable outfit! Great for a spring day at the office! 

  16. Wow, love! So sophisticated and stylish.

  17. I like the fabric of that skirt! It looks so luxurious!