September 11, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Guest Post

This is a guest post while J is away on vacation. Check out Megan's blog, The Frugalista Diaries!

This summer I'm living in my maxi dresses, however, occasionally I'll run out of ideas for dress pairings and will get a little creative. This time I opted to (temporarily) turn my favorite maxi dress into a skirt and pair it with a v-neck tee to achieve a look similar to fellow 'bohemian' Mary Kate. Are you following the maxi trend this season?

Inspiration photo: College Fashion
Occasion: Casual Friday
Shirt: Old Navy, $5
Dress worn as skirt: Target, $17
Shoes: Vince Camuto via Swirl, $60
Bag: Old Navy, $13
Jewelry: Vintage
Sunglasses: Old Navy, $5


  1. I LOVE maxi dresses. I just think they are so easy to wear. Love them so much. And they are so comfy!

    I Can Be Many Things

  2. I have not jumped on the maxi dress band wagon, I thin they make me look shorter then I actually am!  But I would love to find a maxi dress I just love!

  3. Hilliary, It's common misconception, I'm 5'2 and they actually make me look taller. I wrote a guide on how to wear a maxi

  4. Megan, love your rendition of Mary Kate's look - it's a look I've seen before and really really like how cool yet classic it is!  I loooove maxi dresses and skirts and I'm 4'11''!  As long as you pair the length with wedges I think anyone can pull it off!  oh, also really love your subtle pop of pink in your lips and nails :)


  6. This look is so chic - I love the stripes and the bold lipstick :)

  7. That lip color is perfection.

  8. turning of Maxi dresses into V neck skirt is really good and it suits you also.

  9. Cute!  I was "living in maxi dresses" this summer too because they are so comfy....right up until I saw my mom and she said, "OMG, that dress makes you look soo fat"  Ouch. 

  10. You look so cool, hip and polished. Simply Amazing Megan and I am just now starting to follow you @ your blog. Do the same and start following Elegance Personified, please. I normally don't wear something like this but I am willing to try it since you look incredible. =) Love your Ombre hair too, the purse and your lips and sunglasses make it all look so effortlessly beautiful.