September 24, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Buongiorno from Rome

Loving the train

I didn't plan this

Next stop on our vacation: Rome! We took a train from Milan to Rome, which proved to be not only incredibly convenient (train travel > air travel, in my book) but also kind of fun. When I packed for this trip, I had most of my outfits planned head-to-toe. But for this day, I wound up improvising. My train outfit was a result of me simply being in the mood to wear jeans and my most comfy shoes (I alternated the 3 pairs of shoes I brought as much as possible to keep any one pair from rubbing too much). After we arrived in (ridiculously hot!) Rome, I faced another conundrum as I really didn't pack enough warm-weather outfits. I had previously put together this outfit below, so I simply opted to remove the blazer and just wear a t-shirt. It was hot enough for shorts or a skirt, and I prefer it with a blazer, but sometimes you just have to go with what you have. :-) We grabbed dinner near the Colosseum and I did my usual people watching to see what people were wearing. Rome really seemed to be full of mostly tourists though, with a very casual summer style, much like you would see in Orlando (another hot, touristy town). More on Rome tomorrow, but this stop of the trip was 100% about the history for me! It was also my absolute favorite city so stay tuned!

Train outfit
Shirt: c/o MJR Sales, $10
Jeans: American Eagle, $35 (recent)
Belt: Limited, $15
Shoes: White Mountain c/o Ross, $25 (recent)
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $69
Charm: My Stella & Dot website, $19
Sunglasses: LOFT, $2 (recent - they were $17 and I used a $15 birthday coupon)

The outfit I planned

Dinner outfit
Blazer: Express, $25 (recent)
Brooch: Banana Republic, $20
Pants: Gap, $20
Belt: H&M, $20
T-shirt: Zara, $15
Shoes: Michael Kors c/o Marshall's, $50 (recent - style name "MK Plate Driver")
Bag: c/o It's in the Bag, $79
Earrings: c/o Pop of Chic, $12

The outfit I wore

The view at dinner


  1. Yay! I'll be there in two weeks (it's the last stop on our European vacation, which starts next weekend). We're taking the train, too. And I'm glad to hear that you packed light. I'm trying to be very careful about what I'm bringing so I don't have to lug it around everywhere!

  2. Just spent 2 weeks there in May. One of my favorite places! I hope you ate a LOT of gelato!

  3. First of all, I am beyond jealous that you are in Rome. I love your outfits, especially your colored pants.

  4. Katy, I hope you have a blast! I am planning to do a "what to pack" post, hopefully before you depart. :-) I actually wish I had brought more shoes, at least one pair of sandals, but less of other items, such as sweaters and workout gear.

  5. I'm so jealous you had 2 weeks there. :-( We had 2.5 days and it was NOT enough. And yes I couldn't resist getting gelato a few times, yummmm! :-)

  6. Another Fabulous outfit!  So jealous that you were in rome!!

  7. J, I am SO happy to see that you loved Rome. I studied abroad in Rome for a year and even that wasn't enough! 

  8. I <3 Rome!  I was there last month on R&R, and it was amazing.  We were only there 3 days though.  Too much to see in too little time!  We ate at a different restaurant by the Colosseum (I checked my pictures to see if it was the same one lol); such a great view :)  Love your outfits!

  9. Simply love both your outfits!!! :)


  10. I studied in Italy over May term and ended up staying an extra week and a half to see more of Europe. So far you have been in EVERY city I have been to, and it is making me wish I was back! I'm so jealous!

  11. The Jeans and shoes are beautiful. great stunning outfits.

  12. I really enjoy your vacation series so far =)

  13. love both looks. adore the red pants. I am really enjoying your vacation photos. can't wait to see more!

  14. I LOVE the striped crop top with the metallic boat shoes (eek!! those shoes). In fact, really enjoying photos of your trip and your traveling outfits. You look well dressed in all the photos.

  15. every picture is awesome but i like the lady in red "The outfit I wore"

  16. Hi J 
    I am a new reader and love your blog
    I think the unplanned outfit looks pretty good
    we had gone to rome in April and I had dinner at the same cafe that you are sitting at it has a great view of the colosseum and the waitress was very friendly 

  17. Thank you so much and welcome to the blog! :-)

  18. FYI on the rubbing of shoes.  I use body glide for some of my sandals and heels (get it from running store or sports store).  Runners put it on their feet where they normally get blisters.  I love it, your shoes won't slide, no rubbing, no blisters, non-greasy and doesn't leave any stains!  

  19. Great tip Michelle, thank you! Never would have thought of that!

  20. I love the outfit with the striped top!! So cute for traveling!! The red pants aren't really my thing, but they look really cute with the graphic tee!

  21. Ooh I think I want some red jeans now!

  22. You are rocking those red jeans! I feel like I always dress up my colored jeans but I like the idea of making them more casual too! And your train outfit is so cute! You are rocking that crop top!

  23. I love the graphic tee look! Your outfits are getting posted in my pinterest!