August 20, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Red Hot

You may remember this red dress from this post (and the first episode of my show!). It's the perfect example of how accessories can really change the look of a dress. Add some leopard accents and darker hair and I suddenly feel like a whole new woman. ;-) Other ways to change up a dress:

- Add a shirt and wear it as a skirt.
- Add a skirt and wear it as a shirt.
- Add a scarf - around the waist, the neck, etc.
- Add a blazer or cardigan.
- Add leggings and wear it as a shirt.
- Add a belt and/or switch out the self-tie if it comes with one.
- Add a statement necklace.
- Add a collared shirt or turtleneck underneath.

Of course not every trick works for every dress, and you can also do more than one at the same time! What are your tricks for making your dresses feel new again?

Occasion: Errands
Dress: Forever 21, $16
Belt: Urban Outfitters, $20
Shoes: H&M, $18
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website
Necklace: c/o Catherine Nicole
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: H&M, Forever 21

Red dress options

1. American Eagle dress, $24.99
2. Express dress, $54
3. Urban Outfitters dress, $39.99


  1. Cute dress.  My tricks are pretty much along the lines of your trick.  My favorite right now is switching out the self ties and using a belt.  

  2. Great dress! Love the leopard accessories, especially the shoes!  I pretty much use the same tricks as you.  It's amazing how just changing up your accessories can make the same dress look totally different.


  3. adorable outfit - I love how you highlighted the outfit with the bold animal-print.  I think you pretty much covered every trick on how to make a dress feel like new.  I like using different blazers or contrasting colored leggings/tights - I love pairing moto jackets and feminine flowy dresses, I think the juxtaposition is fun! =D

  4. Cute dress...I should start buying clothes at Forever21....

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  5. I really adore the color of this dress! And the leopard print accessories. I need to invest in a leopard print belt.

    Samantha - Mus(eum)ings

  6. Hey J! I hope you don't mind, but I featured you in my blog =D  I really loved the "Shorts Suit" post so I did my own take! I wrote about you in the paragraph underneath the images!


  7. How funny that you had this post... I have this dress:
    I bought from the Loft last year and I am trying to figure out how to wear it... it is silk and has an awkward waist band... I tried a the belt that they suggested (thicker brown belt) but the silk made it slip up even higher on the waist! And I wore it with a skinny black belt and a blazer but kinda felt a little Christmas-e last fall. Any ideas?? I really want to wear it but just can't figure out how.


  8. Love this post! So true. I love dresses. xo

    I Can Be Many Things

  9. I'm loving the return of red.  I've seen it pop up all of the place lately, and I'm very happy!  Great look!

    Cup of Tea

  10. I love those shoes! Re-accessorizing is the key to make a dress feel like new!

  11. love the leopard print on belt and sandals)) Looks really cute with red (never would've thought))

  12. love red and leopard!!!!

  13. Courtney, the link isn't working for me. :-( Do you want to email me a screenshot, or post it to my Facebook page? I'm happy to help! :-)

  14. middle dress in red dress option looks good from all that stuff. red is my favorite color and it makes me more attractive whenever i wear.

  15. Yes that would be great thanks girl :)