August 15, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: The Jacqueline

I'm excited for today's post for two reasons. First, this olive dress is my new favorite and it only cost $19.99 at Ross! Woo hoo! Second, I did a video for this post. You can watch it below - I review the "Jacqueline," the shorter necklace in this outfit and my top pick from the fall collection from Stella & Dot. I'm thinking of doing more video reviews like these - for shoes, bags, jewelry. Let me know if these would be helpful and if you enjoy them! (This week's video is Stella & Dot focused but they won't always be.) Hope you enjoy!

Occasion: Luncheon for Christian women entrepreneurs (on Friday)
Dress: Spence c/o Ross, $20
Belt: Gap, $14
Long necklace: My Stella & Dot website
Short necklace: My Stella & Dot website
Shoes: Restricted via Endless, $40

ps. As I mention in the video, if you are interested in hosting an online trunk show to earn free Stella & Dot jewelry please email me for details!


  1. What a great find on this dress!  Olive is such a great color, the "new neutral".  Can't wait to see all the ways you remix this dress!

    I paired my olive jacket with my berry colored pencil skirt not too long ago.  It was a match made in heaven :)


  2. olive dress is a great score and I am in LOVE with the necklace. Good review. The only thing is they are so darn expensive.

    xo Nav
    Nav Land Style

  3. Hi J! Did you just find the dress at Ross?  you are so bad for my budget! Ha ha Thanks!

  4. Nav, the great thing about Stella & Dot is that you can easily get the necklace for free by hosting a trunk show. If you are interested in doing one just shoot me an email! :-)

  5. Jennifer, it was probably about a month ago!

  6. I loveeee Spence dresses at Ross! I recently bought three in one trip, and they were all under $22! Three dresses for around $65-$70....cannot beat that!

  7. i love your dress!  question- by being a stella & dot consultant, do you get to borrow the jewelry for free?  or did you pay the $200 + for this fancy (but pretty!) necklace? 

  8. Thank you! There is a fee to sign up to become a Stylist ($199) and then with that you get an initial jewelry credit - depends on the month but it's usually between $350-450. Then there are tons of discounts on the jewelry for being a stylist as well. If you don't want to become a Stylist you can always do a trunk show (online or in person) and earn free jewelry that way as well!

  9. Great dress. I think your videos are really helpful and fun. More please!

  10. Hey J., I wanted to say i think it's awesome how you interact with people who leave comments, honestly it's just so refreshing to see a fashion blogger put in so much passion and energy into every post, wow really you deserve all the success girl. I've been following your blog for a while now, and can't stop admiring how you never fail to reply to anyone who leaves a question in comments section.
    I wish you all the best and thanks for being such a sweetie, your positive radiant energy is just beautiful:)
    xoxo from Europe

  11. I love the dress!  I really wish they had Ross stores near me.  Whenever my friend visits from out of town and I compliment her gorgeous clothes she always says she got her outfit at Ross.  So jealous!

  12. Love this look--I'm a teacher and this would be perfect for work!

  13. Bianca, you totally made my day with this! So sweet, thank you!! I have to say that talking with you guys is my favorite part of blogging. I can't imagine not answering questions! :-) Thank you again for the kind note, I really appreciate it!

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