May 5, 2011

Today's Everyday Fashion: Stole My Sleeves

Someone stole my sleeves! :-) I'm kidding, but I keep referring to this new "vest" as my blazer with no sleeves. I love the cargo pockets, and I honestly think that a blazer without sleeves is a genius way to look dressed up when you live in hot, steamy Florida. What are your thoughts on sleeveless blazers? Would you wear one?

Occasion: Work
Inspiration photo: Reader submitted
Vest: Banana Republic, $35 (purchased in the store last week - I tweeted about the 40% off sale the day I bought it! Follow me for up-to-the-minute updates: @jevrydayfashion)
Cami: Forever 21, $3
Skirt: Banana Republic, $35
Belt: Banana Republic, $30
Brooch: Banana Republic, $20
Shoes: H&M, $30
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelet: Forever 21, $10

ps. I'm the guest curator for 20 Best Twenty this month! They asked me to come up with a list of 20 things I can't live without in May, and my list includes some really inspiring websites and fun stuff so I thought I'd share! :-)


  1. I don't know if I've ever put much thought into sleeveless blazers, but I like what you've done with it here!

  2. I think it's cute, but you'd definitely get more use out of it in Florida than in Kansas!

  3. Darling!


  4. Are the shoes a recent purchase? I can't understand why brown sandles so hard to find in the summer....well, cute ones, anyway! ;) I love the ones you have on!

  5. jseverydayfashionMay 5, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    Jan, I've had the sandals for about 3 years, but have you tried DSW? That's my go-to for great sandals for less!

  6. Great!!!
    love your belt!!!
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  7. I actually did go to DSW last weekend. I *LOVE* DSW, and ended up w/ 2 pair, but no brown! Brown is so hard to find in a strappy heel (not wedges or flats) in the summer. Oh well, I love the ones you have on in todays post!

  8. jseverydayfashionMay 5, 2011 at 2:40 PM

    Oh boo, sorry you weren't able to find what you were looking for. I'm all about the wedges this summer, so it's possible I was experiencing tunnel-vision, haha! :-)

  9. I love your vest/blazer without sleeves!! I've been wanting to get one, and was looking at a longer more cargo style, but I really like yours as it's more fitted :)

  10. Love the look, definitely a great way to stay looking professional in the hot weather. I've got a few cute sundresses that look fancy on the bottom but a little too casual on top, I think I could pull them off at work with something like this!

  11. Really love this! I love how dressy it can be with the belt and paired with your business wear.

  12. I'm not loving vests, although that's just personal preference since I remember the last time they were popular in the 90s. I find that office environments tend to be extremely chilly/variable in Florida, and I wear a sweater or jacket/blazer most of the time, so I'm never sleeveless unless I'm going outside.

  13. I love this vest. When I stopped by BR to return something today, I found this vest on sale for 29.99. I quickly purchased it, but I have a question. How does it fit in the back? I got the size 4 and it flares out on the side. I don't think it's very flattering. I am going to try the 6. While shopping, a women was wearing this vest with a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Very nice! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  14. jseverydayfashionMay 10, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    @7f037759ac2bac7a589d29bcae8da504 Woo hoo, awesome deal you scored! I didn't have this flaring you are describing at all, but I only tried on one size so I'm not sure. I think I would try the 6 and see if it fits better!