February 20, 2011

Fabulous Finds

Anyone else drooling on their computer right now? Thanks to ShopNBC, I sure am! I recently discovered on their website that fine jewelry (meaning real, 14k gold pieces that last a lifetime) don't have to be expensive, and yes they can be stylish too. And now I want themmmmm. I mean, there comes a time in every girl's life where she needs some fine jewelry, right? (*hint, hint* to the hubs if you are reading this!) I shared my favorite picks with you in the picture above. Check out the gold jewelry from ShopNBC and tell me, which one is your favorite?

14K Gold Hammered & Diamond Cut Ricami Reconstituted Turquoise Ring, $118.62
14K Gold Smoky Quartz Drop Hoop Earrings, $108.12
7.75" or 8.5" Multi-Strand Celebration Bangle Bracelet, $104.00
14K Gold Electroform Cameo Pendant, $149.92
14K Gold 7.5" Faceted Onyx Bracelet, $269.98
14K Gold 7" Electroform Snake Bangle Bracelet, $348.58
14K Rose Gold / White Agate or Yellow Gold / Turquoise Glitter Earrings, $137.12
14K Gold Diamond Cut Overlay & Faceted Gem Pendant, $99.18 


  1. Oh my, it's hard to choose 1, but i've narrowed it down...I LOVE the "Multi-Strand Celebration Bangle Bracelet."

  2. Omg I am drooling I want them all! Not so good on my wallet though : ( Oh btw I have been using older pieces I already own and have not gone clothes shopping in like 2 weeks! Ppl were asking me if it was new and I just smiled becasue its not but when paired w/diff clothes it does look new lol. I know im silly.

  3. I love ShopNBC! I used to work there and let me just say this: Outlet Jewelry Store. Needless to say, I have LOTS of pieces from ShopNBC! :)


  4. My faves are the onyx bracelet and the gem pendant. Gorgous...and they would look well together, I think.

  5. thanks for this nice post 111213

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  7. I love love LOVE the white pendant on the bottom right. Going shopping nowwwwwww!

  8. I LOVE the quartz earrings! I'm guessing they don't ship to Canada though :(